Trash Or Treasure

The Definitive Trash or Treasure List

What is it that makes a movie terrible? This is an easy question to answer for most of us. Bad writing, bad acting, bad effects; bad everything. Troll 2 comes to mind, a movie so tone zany that the part of my brain that processes plot is permanently broken. Despite the bad name, some of these movies are actually quite entertaining. Something within these movies draws me to them. I have a self-imposed (and possibly self-degrading) title of “Bad Movies Connoisseur”, and indeed of most people I know, I’ve found myself watching movies traditionally deemed as “shit”. 

With many bad movies in the books, and many more to come, it only made sense to rate them subjectively and harshly from first to worst. Our current Queen of the Heap is The Babysitter (on Netflix) and our Seedy Underbelly of the Trash Pile is A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (on YouTube).


1. The Babysitter

2. Feartown USA

3. Gold

4. Premature

5. 10 Rules for Sleeping Around

6. Inconceivable

7. National Treasure

8. American Pie: The Naked Mile

9. Bachelorette

10. Zombeavers

11. The Overnight

12. Next

13. Dukes of Hazzard

14. American Pie: Band Camp

15. Emo the Musical

16. Spring Breakers

17. The Perfect Score

18. Total Frat Movie

19. Hot Bot

20. Undercover Grandpa

21. Zombie Spring Breakers

22. Decampitated

23. Outcast

24. The Emoji Movie

25. Sharknado

26. A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell!