Trash or Treasure – Volume 26

Back to School Month – American Pie: The Naked Mile

Welcome, dear reader, to week two of our Back to School extravaganza. This week we get to experience the great event known as The Naked Mile, or at least a movie about it. The second of our American Pie spin-offs stars John White, Jessy Schram, Steve Talley, Christopher Macdonald, and, of course, Eugene Levy. The film is about a Stifler cousin, supposedly the prude of the family (Erik), who travels with his friends to see his other cousin, Dwight Stifler for the wholesome and eponymous clothesless athletic event. Might as well get this mile started.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 25

Back to School Month – American Pie: Band Camp

Merry September Trash or Treasure followers. This month we begin a special journey in honor of all the poor people that still have to go to school. That’s right: it’s Trash to Treasure Back to School Month where we’ll be watching the 4 classic(ally bad) American Pie spin-off movies tohonor the time honored tradition of wishing you didn’t have to learn math. First up on our list is American Pie: Band Camp, a movie that stars Eugene Levy AND Chris Owen from the original films. The movie is about Steve Stifler’s younger brother having to go to band camp. Let’s enjoy, shall we?

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 24

Zombie Spring Breakers

Hello dear reader and welcome to Trash or Treasure where, yes, we are in fact watching Zombie Spring Breakers to follow up last week’s Spring Breakers. Zombie Spring Breakers (formerly called Ibiza Undead) is a movie about young people who head to Ibiza on spring break only to discover that there are zombies. They must’ve changed the title because it was too on the nose (and Zombie Spring Breakers clearly isn’t). The movie notably stars the voice actress of Tracer from the video game Overwatch and is found lurking on Hulu in the “please don’t find me” section. That’s my kind of section.

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The Return of Trash or Treasure – Volume 23

Spring Breakers

Hello everyone and welcome to the return of Trash or Treasure. We’re back with a second season of articles to bring you even more terrible movies. To kick things off I wanted to start with a movie I’ve heard is pretty terrible and recently found its way to Netflix – Spring Breakers. The film stars plenty of A-List actors: Selena Gomez, James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and is about four rowdy college girls finding themselves in a world of crime. Like I mentioned before, I’ve heard the movie isn’t great, so let’s just forge on ahead, shall we?

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 22

The Overnight

Hello all and welcome back to Trash or Treasure. This week I scoured through Netflix looking for something exciting and instead found 2015’s The Overnight. Starring Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling, and Adam Scott (two weeks in a row baby!), the film is about a couple that is new to LA and looking to make friends, but instead get themselves into wild sexcapades (real word, look it up). I suppose I’m now four weeks in a row for raunchy comedies (yes, Sharknado, even you too you piece of shit), so why should this be any different than those? Continue reading “Trash or Treasure – Volume 22”

Trash or Treasure – Volume 21

Trash or Treasure: Volume 21 – Bachelorette

Hey all and welcome to Trash or Treasure: Volume 21. This week we’re taking a look at 2012’s  Bachelorette, easily found on Netflix, and definitely ripe with terribleness. The film stars Kirsten Dunst, Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher, and Lizzy Caplan in a star-studded cast playing three friends who reunite at a wedding. The film seems like a female-version of the American Pie style movie and reminds me of the movie Rough Night (which also may appear later in Trash or Treasure) but 5 years earlier. Well, let’s get it over with.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 20


Welcome to part two of this week’s Trash or Treasure first ever double feature where I’ve decided to treat you all (and punish myself) for being so patient for last week’s article. That’s right: I’m watching Sharknado.

Now you may be saying to yourself “but Rosa, you run Trash or Treasure, and haven’t seen Sharknado?”. Well dear reader, the answer to that is yes, but the shame ends here. It’s on Netflix, stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, and is about shark tornados that ravage Los Angeles. I’ve got the alcohol on standby – let’s go.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 19

10 Rules for Sleeping Around

And thus I returned from the pit known as finals week and we get to return to our regularly scheduled Trash or Treasure programming. This week you’ll be getting a double feature which means two movies in one day! Lucky you (unlucky me)! The first movie for this twisted mental game is 10 Rules for Sleeping Around, a movie on Netflix who’s preview includes a dude being hit with an oar sensually. The 2013 film starring Jesse Bradford and Chris Marquette, amongst other no-names, has been seated on my Trash or Treasure list since the Hot Bot days. No time to waste, let’s forge onwards.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 18

Trash or Treasure: Volume 18 – Emo the Musical

We exit out of Nic Cage month, and I finally get to start making real choices about what to watch for Trash or Treasure. This week, I followed a line from devoted Skill Viewer Mutiny Teddie and decided to watch Emo the Musical. The 2016 film stars no one of note (including some “page does not exists” on Wikipedia), and is supposedly about an emo kid who gets caught in between two worlds at a new school: emo kids and Christian kids. It sounds stupid as fuck and not only does it have a TV-14 rating (a good sign), I should remind you that it is a musical. Let’s forge onward into darkness.

Actually before we forge, this movie does contain some pretty dark and potentially triggering themes, and if you’re not about that, feel free to read a different Trash or Treasure to satisfy your bad movie needs.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 17 – Nic Cage Month #4

Trash or Treasure: Volume 17/Nic Cage Month #4 – Inconceivable

Welcome back to Trash or Treasure where it is the final week of Nic Cage Month. For this, the final week, we took a page from Vizzini’s playbook and watched 2017’s Inconceivable, because I enjoy how hard I have to try to spell the word. This Netflix bound movie, starring Faye Dunaway and one former WWE Diva, is about Nic Cage and his wife who are involved in a complicated plot involving conceiving children. I can tell this is a movie because someone is trying to conceive a child with Nic Cage, so let’s forge on into what I’m sure won’t be a waste of time.

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