Trash or Treasure – Volume 18

Trash or Treasure: Volume 18 – Emo the Musical

We exit out of Nic Cage month, and I finally get to start making real choices about what to watch for Trash or Treasure. This week, I followed a line from devoted Skill Viewer Mutiny Teddie and decided to watch Emo the Musical. The 2016 film stars no one of note (including some “page does not exists” on Wikipedia), and is supposedly about an emo kid who gets caught in between two worlds at a new school: emo kids and Christian kids. It sounds stupid as fuck and not only does it have a TV-14 rating (a good sign), I should remind you that it is a musical. Let’s forge onward into darkness.

Actually before we forge, this movie does contain some pretty dark and potentially triggering themes, and if you’re not about that, feel free to read a different Trash or Treasure to satisfy your bad movie needs.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 12

Trash or Treasure: Volume 12 – Undercover Grandpa

Welcome to this week’s Trash or Treasure where we spend time talking about the mysteries of life: what what does it all mean? Why are we here on Earth? What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…ahem. Just kidding, we’re looking at deep Netflix find Undercover Grandpa. This film stars James Caan clearly with nothing better to do, Jessica Walter from Arrested Development and Archer fame, and a bunch of people who probably signed on to a movie because they got James Caan. The movie is about a teenager who’s girlfriend is kidnapped, so he enlists his ex-CIA grandpa to help him find her. The plot sounds interesting enough, and so let’s get started.

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