Trash or Treasure – Volume 17 – Nic Cage Month #4

Trash or Treasure: Volume 17/Nic Cage Month #4 – Inconceivable

Welcome back to Trash or Treasure where it is the final week of Nic Cage Month. For this, the final week, we took a page from Vizzini’s playbook and watched 2017’s Inconceivable, because I enjoy how hard I have to try to spell the word. This Netflix bound movie, starring Faye Dunaway and one former WWE Diva, is about Nic Cage and his wife who are involved in a complicated plot involving conceiving children. I can tell this is a movie because someone is trying to conceive a child with Nic Cage, so let’s forge on into what I’m sure won’t be a waste of time.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 16 – Nic Cage Month #3

Trash or Treasure: Volume 16/Nic Cage Month #3 – Outcast

Oh hello, didn’t see you there. Welcome to Trash or Treasure in the midst of our Nic Cage Month special where my friend Ally and I watched the non-American release, Outcast. Starring everyone’s favorite Anakin Skywalker, Hayden Christensen, the film tells the story of two crusaders who find themselves thrown into a brotherly feud in an unnamed kingdom (China). Easily found on the Netflix, the only thing I know about the film before it starts is the picture of the cover that shows Nic Cage with an extreme amount of head hair. It’s not the most attractive cover, and yet we push onwards.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 15 – Nic Cage Month #2


Hello all and welcome back to the Nic Cage month special here at Trash or Treasure. This week we take a look at 2007’s Next, found easily on Netflix. This movie, also starring Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel (two pretty solid actors), features the man, the myth, the legend as a small-time magician who happens to be able to accurately forsee a short way into the future, and thus is wanted by the FBI and a crime syndicate for his future seeing abilities. The plot seems infallible, and is based off a story written by Phillip K. Dick, so what could possibly go wrong? You know we’re gonna find out.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 14 – Nic Cage Month #1

National Treasure

Welcome dear reader to Nic Cage Month at Trash or Treasure. All four volumes of Trash or Treasure this month will be movies that prominently featuring Nic Cage, and this week we start with one of my personal favorites: National Treasure. While this might make me a little biased, it felt like the right to start with not only my personal favorite, but what might be his most well known film. The movie, also starring a whole plethora of great actors like Harvey Keitel, Diane Kruger, and Sean Bean, tells the story of Benjamin Gates and his pal Riley Poole as they search for the famed Templar’s Treasure. The film sits in my mind pretty well, so let’s see how it holds up today for Trash or Treasure.

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