Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 3/28/18

Hey everyone, hope you like longer than usual articles because lots of stuff came out for me this week (only one issue shorter than my Giant-Size Special!). It’s weird having a Detective Comics without Action Comics, but there’s a short hiatus as we build up to #1000 so I don’t mind too much. Two of my limited series came out though, plus stay tuned after the credits for an indie book I forgot to order at the beginning of March and just got this week!

Detective Comics #977

In the wake of the last few arcs, things are a bit shaky in the Bat-family. This is highlighted by Tim being shown a possible future in which Batman is killed by Batwoman, due to events spiraling out of the break. After the cold open of this horrifying future, we get a bit more info on Ulysses, the weapons developer for the Colony (a paramilitary organization run by Batwoman’s dad, which she just agreed to join). He wants to play a role in shaping the future, and reaches out to Tim to do so. We also get a slice of what’s going on with Batwing being recruited by the Colony, which ties into Ulysses’s plan. He’s a pretty shifty guy, but I’m not sure if he has the making of a meaningful villain. However, he may just be adding fuel to the conflict between the segments of The Artist Formerly Known as Batman, Inc. I’m interested in that storyline, which I hope is tackled entirely within Detective Comics. The idea of securing the legacy of what Batman stands for is always worth examining, and this might have an interesting take. Continue reading “Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 3/28/18”

Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 2/28/18

Welcome back everyone! This week my pick-up was more model kits than comic books, but there’s still plenty to talk about here with more entries in the DC Big 2 and my favorite indie comic (until Moonstruck is off hiatus) bringing in a great issue as well. Let’s get to it!

Action Comics #998

The conclusion of “Booster Shot” happened this week, just in time to leave #999 to set the stage for the massive #1000! The story wrapped up pretty well, although some of it was a little bit predictable and the whole time travel thing makes threat and consequence a little wavy. Booster and Superman don’t get murdered by the Zods and aren’t required to save anyone being subjugated by them because it’s the future so it’s still liquid and the best way to save them is to prevent this blah blah time travel. The fight scene was pretty good, but this issue definitely solidified my frustration with time travel stories, at least in this case. They did use the time aspect to create one interesting conflict, but since it’s a problem for Booster and not Superman it’s hard to say whether the consequences will really matter. Still, it was an enjoyable issue that finished up a sorta inconsistent arc, and I expect a lot from the next few issues (especially now that Superman is back in his own time.) I wish some of the answers given by the story were a little more interesting, but not every arc can be the best one. It stayed decent enough and that’s what matters.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 1/24/18

Who’s ready for another exciting installment of Comic Wolf’s Pull Box?! Nobody? That’s fine I’m doing it anyway. This week is a good one, between my actual favorite series coming out again plus further entries in Doomsday Clock and Phoenix Resurrection. In the comments/Discord you can take bets on whether or not Marvel will delay the fifth and final issue of Phoenix next week. Till then, on to the main event!

Doomsday Clock #3

I have to admit, after three issues my fears about Doomsday Clock are rapidly fading away. It’s a damn good book. This issue features the proper DC Universe the most heavily, having gotten through the build up of the first couple issues. A lot of the things I love about this #3 are connected to the fact that it’s a true DC/Watchmen collision. Seeing Batman and Rorschach interact is interesting, even if it’s an obvious thing to have happen. The cuts to an old movie throughout the issue makes a nice parallel with “Tales of the Black Freighter” from the original Watchmen, although it remains to be seen if this will be as persistent/important thematically. I also like the vague hints at the state of the DC Universe and the ways it is actually becoming like the Watchmen universe. Sure, a story about superheroes not being trusted is a bit overdone, but the fact that this is an open homage to Watchmen rather than presenting itself as original makes it more enjoyable. It doesn’t seem to be sticking too close to the original with this issue, just grounding itself in both stories. Also, I love, love, love the art. I can’t say I’m overly familiar with the name Gary Frank, although a quick Wikipedia search reveals he’s done some work on a few things I liked (Batman:Earth One, DC Rebirth One-Shot, Superman: Secret Identity). I have a feeling this book may be a break out moment for him. In terms of things I don’t like about the book, I am a little worried it may come to rely too much on just pulling characters out. Batman and Superman are obviously going to play a large role, but the Comedian appearing and hints of the Joker’s involvement are a little worrying. This particular issue also jumps around a lot, which is a little jarring, but the branching story paths were enjoyable because of the breadth of the worlds colliding. My one other complaint is something I don’t want to get into too much, but the series has just been delayed to a bi-monthly schedule which is a) annoying and b) messes up the whole premise of Doomsday Clock: it takes place in the DCU in one year from now and over the course of the next real life year all the other DC books will slowly move in the direction teased in the book. I’m sure it’ll work out somehow, but I’m impatient and waiting two years for this to wrap up is gonna suck.

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