Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Extreme Mega Size Ultimate Catch Up Edition

Hey everybody, you may have noticed a longer-than-normal absence of content. I just had a bunch of different obligations a few weeks in a row, but now I’m back! And I have a fucking obnoxiously large stack of comics to get through! There are a ton of new releases pretty much across the board, with a few new series popping up now. I also have a few different things for after-credits to get through soon. For now though, let’s jump into all the books!

Detective Comics #991

This one definitely gets closer to the Detective Comics format I love. I want mystery, detective work, opportunities for me to try and figure out what’s going on. I wouldn’t mind a bit of noir edge to it as well.

The entire comic is Batman, Two-Face, and Jim Gordon talking. We get to see where Batman’s detective work led him, what Two-Face has been doing, how all of this got started – we even get to see a bit more of Two-Face’s ideology. While Detective Comics is at its best when it’s a team book, this is very much a story about Batman the Detective and not Batman the Superhero. That distinction grounds the book and especially this issue. Two-Face is also an interesting “villain” to use due to Harvey Dent being an intrinsic part of him. The arc seems to be gearing up for big action paying off on this slower issue, so jump down a line to see what’s next!

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 9/19/18

Hey y’all, welcome back to some regularly scheduled comic time! We’ve got a bunch of stuff this week, so off we go.

Batman: Damned #1

DC’s “Black Label” series started this week with the first issue of Batman: Damned (although Batman: White Knight has been retconned into being Black Label, it was not originally). The line is intended to showcase high-profile writers and artists in a larger format (magazine size) and without the usual restrictions. In this case, the restrictions being lessened means the book is outside of canon and is mature rated. Anyone who follows comic news knows about this book because it features Batman’s dick. I don’t wanna spend a lot of time on this, but the internet lost its entire fucking mind because Batman’s dick is out. It’s an M rated book. People are weird.

Anyway, the review.

I’ve been excited for this book for a long time. When the Joker is found dead, Batman and Constantine team up to figure out what’s going on. Is he actually dead? Is some sort of magic involved? It’s really intense. The art style is fucking awesome and takes full advantage of the large magazine size pages. The book reunites writer Brian Azarello with artist Lee Bermejo, who famously worked together on the Joker graphic novel that borrows heavily from The Dark Knight movie. They’re a phenomenal fucking team, so everything about this book has been exciting from the get-go. Azarello writes the best Constantine I’ve read in a while, maybe going a little heavy on the accent but I’ll take what I can get. There hasn’t been a high profile writer tackling Hellblazer since the Vertigo days. The book firmly establishes the mystery. Joker is found dead, but the body disappears. Batman was nearby, but can’t remember what happened. Deadman is around for some reason, annoying Constantine. The series is only going to be 3 books, bi-monthly, so this one does all the work of setting things up. It also seems to be exploring Bruce’s childhood in weird ways, so I’m curious what that’s going to end up being. The first issue feels like it lives up to my expectations, hopefully the rest follow suit.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Weeks of 8/29/18 // 9/5/18 // 9/12/18

Check out Comic Wolf’s first triple feature! Due to a combination of technical and real life factors, I’ve fallen a bit behind. But that ends now! Buckle in for all the fucking books! It’s also Annual season, so I’ll even have some books doubled up. Off we go then.

Detective Comics #988

Remember when I said I wanted limited mention of the Bat/Cat breakup in Detective Comics? I got my wish! Batman involves himself in what appears to be a simple murder to get his mind off things. There are a few references to the breakup and his changed behavior, but it’s very reasonably done and not the focus of the story. Once he gets deeper into the case however, his gut says this is more than a simple murder. After discovering a secret room in the victim’s apartment the building is attacked by Firefly and his apprentice who is also Firefly but female. It’s a setup for a slightly different arc, and seems intended to put the “detective” back into Detective Comics. I’m all for a slightly Batman focused story based around actual crime investigation, it’s a welcome change even if I have been really enjoying the more philosophical story work being done recently. Very interested in the story unfolding!

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 8/22/18 – Double-Size Lost Comic Special

Hey comic faithful, you may have noticed a lack of a post last week. Long story short my store’s comic shipment got lost in the mail and was delayed a full week. Better late than never, not even the incompetence of the mail can keep me down for long! Lucky me, I get to do a super packed week with both sets of releases. Buckle in for a long one kiddos, kidettes, and any other mutilation of the word kid that strikes your fancy.

Detective Comics #987

The finale to the “On the Outside” arc delivers both in terms of plot and themes. Last issue, Karma attempted to kidnap a school bus and make Batman choose between them and his family. Thanks to Black Lightning’s help that didn’t work out. So this time, Karma takes over the Wayne Enterprises building for his endgame, and takes a hostage to force Batman to act. Batman recognizes his guilt in the situation and resolves it to be “what they both deserve.” It’s a pretty satisfying moment. A lot of the issue gets spent on setting up a new book, Batman and the Outsiders. The Outsiders being a team made up of Black Lighting, Katana, Signal, and Orphan. So this arc has been doing some work bringing them together, which is fine. Impressively, the multitasking of the story did very little to detract from it. It felt pretty natural, although Katana’s arrival feels a little weird. Regardless, the story manages to stand up with the other recent arcs and I have a lot of respect for the varying creative teams on the book.

Brief side note: this comic cover illustrates why covers are the fucking worst. They want to entice you to buy the book and are hugely misleading. On this cover, Braniac hovers with the text “What are the Brainiac Files?”. There’s literally one line where Katana says “I got info on Karma’s technology from the Brainiac Files” and then there’s a note that says to read No Justice. It’s goddamn stupid and I hate it.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 7/18/18

Hey everyone, welcome to another (late) edition of the Pull Box! This week is big, with every book being one tolook forward to. Brave and the Bold wraps up, leaving a hole in my life, but Thor brings more mystical shenanigans and my other books cover the rest of the spectrum: indie and cute, superhero team up, and spooky scary horror book. Plus make sure to stay tuned after the credits for a book I absolutely did not intend to review!

The Brave and the Bold #6

The series wraps up in appropriately spectacular fashion with the conflict between Elatha and his brother Balor reaching its peak. Wonder Woman intervenes directly in the conflict, while Batman returns to Gotham to deal with the faery folk who have crossed over through the newly opened pathways. A bit surprisingly, a lot of this issue actually focused on Elatha and not as much on the actual DC characters. I really really enjoyed this story, and the last page ends with a cliffhanger and the words “End of Book One” so there’s hope for me getting more.

I’m a huge fan of DC getting back to doing books that aren’t necessarily tied to continuity.

Letting the characters be used in fun and cool ways without worrying about the effects it has on a larger universe is always a good thing. DC Black Label series will be beginning soon, which also have loose continuity and sound amazing, so stay tuned for those.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 7/11/18+

Hey y’all, as you may have noticed I didn’t publish last week. After making a joke about getting too many books, I only had one book last week. Therefore I decided to roll Justice League #3 into this week’s review and take the week off. Here we go for this installment!

Detective Comics #984

The line of cool introspective comics continues as Karma pushes the BatFam apart by targeting all of them separately. He has the power to read minds and uses it to great advantage, both determining Bruce’s identity and easily countering his surprise and strategy based fighting style. He appears to have some other tricks hidden in his magic or whatever helmet as well. It seems unfair to be putting Bruce through this much bullshit given what happened in his main book, but I’m curious to see how it plays out. Putting another rift in the family feels a bit like piling on. It’s also unclear how much this lines up with the main book, I have no fucking idea how that works. Regardless, Karma seems like a pretty rad villain and I want to see his motivations and see more about who he is and where the powerful helmet came from. There’s some dialogue from Bruce I really like toward the end, and I really like Black Lightning’s role in the story. Detective Comics is really fucking strong and I really hope it doesn’t get messed up by the big developments from Batman. Regardless, I’ll be sticking with it as we’re just under a year from DC #1000!

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/27/18

No rest for me, another week of camic bocks. There’s agood balance of stuff, although this time I find myself far more excited by Marvel’s offerings than DC’s. Let’s see if I end up enjoying them more!

Detective Comics #983

After the brief one-shot last time, we’re back launching into a full arc. Some villain calling himself Batman’s Karma is targeting the members of the Bat-Family, claiming they weaken Batman and that he has become a brand more than a symbol. I’m really liking the stuff this creative team is tackling honestly. Batman’s usual fights with villains are pretty well contained in the main Batman book and spin-offs like Deathstroke vs Batman or the Prelude to the Wedding one-shots, and this seems to be tackling big picture questions about Batman’s place in the universe. Obviously any huge changes will probably be reserved for the main book, but Detective Comics has taken off in a cool and contemplative direction. This arc is also guest starring Black Lightning which is rad because I don’t know shit about him and I like getting small introductions to characters that I don’t normally read. I really loved the Batman and ______ series in the New 52 after Robin died and there was a different character every issue. Anyway, this looks like another opportunity to see the Bat fam tested in a new way, so I’m into it.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/20/18

Welcome back fellow nerds to another exciting round of comical books! It’s a light week this week, which is good because I have a lot going on with work stuff. The good news though is that despite being a slightly light week, it’s packed with some of my favorites (to be fair I did prune a lot of stuff off my list so it’s mostly favorites and things may be light for a while). Anyway, let’s jump in!

The Brave and the Bold #5

The penultimate issue of the Brave and the Bold miniseries! The mystery all comes together, setting up an action packed final issue. I have to say, I had a lot of fun guessing along with Diana and Bruce. It wasn’t quite formatted for you to try and draw your own conclusions along the way, but it did give you pieces slowly to try and guess. I did not get the right trail at all, I had no clue how this would turn out, but it’s still very satisfying. Dipping even further into Celtic myth is fine by me as well, with Balor of the Evil Eye solidifying as a villain and a massive battle beginning to take shape. More and more this series reminds me of Hellboy. Shame to see it end. Overall I still love this series and this issue was strong. Art remains excellent, although on some pages the font seemed weirdly too big and almost blurry. I need to investigate if it’s a print error in my copy or just weird formatting. Regardless, when the trade for this comes out down the line I strongly recommend grabbing it if you have an interest in mythological based superhero comics.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/13/18

If you’re reading this, I survived going through 3 weeks of comics last week without handing Getch my resignation! The show must go on, after all. Now that I’m nice and caught up (mostly) we can get back to the regular weekly schedule. This week has a bunch of #1’s, although I only picked up a couple. The stand out is of course Thor #1, with Odinson having regained the mantle after the bullshit end of The Mighty Thor. Let’s jump in!

Detective Comics #982

Dang what the fuck? The story arc is over for like 5 seconds and they throw in a weird one. The issue seems to be a one-shot dealing with a villain called Blackfire. Batman remarks that he’s never been sure if Blackfire is an actual ghost or a metahuman who believes himself to be one. He gains power from people believing in him, and he’s used the city’s homeless population to capture a child for an evil plot. Batman has to track down the kid, fighting through possessed homeless people and Blackfire’s evil influence on his own mind. It’s a super weird issue that has an almost Hellboy vibe to it. The art is appropriately dark and spooky, with nightmare creatures, ,hooded figures, and one very angry ghost/meta. It’s nice to see the short cases sometimes, since so often the story focuses on big world changing stuff. Batman saves people from smaller threats as well, and that’s reflected here. He wants to save a child’s life. Not the city, not the multiverse. Just a kid. That unwillingness to abandon anyone in need in Gotham that he can help is core to the character, and revisiting that in the wake of the drama within the Bat-family is sorely needed.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Giant Size Special #2 Weeks of 5/23/18 – 6/7/18

Hey y’all! As you might have noticed, Skill Floor content has been a little lighter than usual. Our fearless leader editing bitch Getch came to our humble coast for a wedding that tied up myself, Rosa, and him. We’re in the process of getting back into the flow, and what better way to do that than to try and jam like a thousand fucking comics into one review? We’ve got all kinds of stuff, from the launch of an all new Justice League, to the continuation of my beloved Moonstruck, and the merciful last issue of Astonishing X-Men that I personally will have to suffer through.

Detective Comics #981

The “Batmen Eternal” storyline actually ended up having a really excellent final issue! The threat of Brother Eye and brainwashed Tim is resolved fairly quickly, if in a slightly anticlimactic way. However, that left a lot of room for resolving the moral and ethical problems facing the many Bat-family members. This was a really strong follow up to the way some of the moralizing was posed earlier in the story. It’s not quite a magical happily ever after, but everyone sort of talks out their issues and at least manages to get to a point where they know they can count each other even if they aren’t always close. I’m curious which members of the family the story will follow going forward. Tim and Steph are following one path, Batwoman is off on her own (and has a solo book), Batwing is taking a break, Azazel has a role in one of the new Justice League books, and Batman has the whole marriage thing coming up. Regardless, we’ll see soon what happens.

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