Trash or Treasure – Volume 24

Zombie Spring Breakers

Hello dear reader and welcome to Trash or Treasure where, yes, we are in fact watching Zombie Spring Breakers to follow up last week’s Spring Breakers. Zombie Spring Breakers (formerly called Ibiza Undead) is a movie about young people who head to Ibiza on spring break only to discover that there are zombies. They must’ve changed the title because it was too on the nose (and Zombie Spring Breakers clearly isn’t). The movie notably stars the voice actress of Tracer from the video game Overwatch and is found lurking on Hulu in the “please don’t find me” section. That’s my kind of section.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 8/22/18 – Double-Size Lost Comic Special

Hey comic faithful, you may have noticed a lack of a post last week. Long story short my store’s comic shipment got lost in the mail and was delayed a full week. Better late than never, not even the incompetence of the mail can keep me down for long! Lucky me, I get to do a super packed week with both sets of releases. Buckle in for a long one kiddos, kidettes, and any other mutilation of the word kid that strikes your fancy.

Detective Comics #987

The finale to the “On the Outside” arc delivers both in terms of plot and themes. Last issue, Karma attempted to kidnap a school bus and make Batman choose between them and his family. Thanks to Black Lightning’s help that didn’t work out. So this time, Karma takes over the Wayne Enterprises building for his endgame, and takes a hostage to force Batman to act. Batman recognizes his guilt in the situation and resolves it to be “what they both deserve.” It’s a pretty satisfying moment. A lot of the issue gets spent on setting up a new book, Batman and the Outsiders. The Outsiders being a team made up of Black Lighting, Katana, Signal, and Orphan. So this arc has been doing some work bringing them together, which is fine. Impressively, the multitasking of the story did very little to detract from it. It felt pretty natural, although Katana’s arrival feels a little weird. Regardless, the story manages to stand up with the other recent arcs and I have a lot of respect for the varying creative teams on the book.

Brief side note: this comic cover illustrates why covers are the fucking worst. They want to entice you to buy the book and are hugely misleading. On this cover, Braniac hovers with the text “What are the Brainiac Files?”. There’s literally one line where Katana says “I got info on Karma’s technology from the Brainiac Files” and then there’s a note that says to read No Justice. It’s goddamn stupid and I hate it.

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The Return of Trash or Treasure – Volume 23

Spring Breakers

Hello everyone and welcome to the return of Trash or Treasure. We’re back with a second season of articles to bring you even more terrible movies. To kick things off I wanted to start with a movie I’ve heard is pretty terrible and recently found its way to Netflix – Spring Breakers. The film stars plenty of A-List actors: Selena Gomez, James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and is about four rowdy college girls finding themselves in a world of crime. Like I mentioned before, I’ve heard the movie isn’t great, so let’s just forge on ahead, shall we?

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 8/8/18

I swear, I’m pulling more books every week but I keep ending up with huge lulls. Maybe I’ll go through Previews to add more stuff soon, especially given some pretty major upcoming changes to my pull list (check after the cut for more info on that). Anyway, this week is light again. Only two books, plus one I picked up on a whim. Let’s jump in!

Detective Comics #986

This sorta found a middle ground between two of the resolutions I expected, with both things I liked and disliked. The theme of this arc has revolved around whether other people make Batman weaker or not, so having Black Lightning be an essential part of the resolution makes sense. I like the role that Black Lightning and the other Bat-fam members play, since it drives home their importance (cough cough fuck you Tom King cough) However, Karma is a (new) villain of Batman’s own making and it’s pretty fucked up what Batman did to him. Having others help is great, but thematically I also want to see Batman deal with what he did. The arc isn’t over, but Batman isn’t really having to deal with the consequences of turning this guy into a zealot. As much as I feel like we don’t need to see him kicked while he’s down (not sure where Detective Comics fits into the timeline of Catwoman leaving him), he fucked up and there has to be some growth or learning. Next issue should be the final confrontation, so there’s still room to resolve things thematically as well as wrapping up the story.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 8/1/18

Howdy folks, here we are again with the comics and stuff. It’s a super light week with only a couple books, but that forces me to pick one of the trades in my backlog to talk about after the credits roll. Let’s dive in!

Justice League #5

This issue focuses almost entirely on Lex Luthor, and his confusing plan to unleash seven primal forces of the universe using the Legion of Doom and a magic doorknob of Doom. The series is floating in this weird limbo of being really fun and really confusing. It’s pretty clear I missed some major stuff in No Justice so I may need to carve out time for that soon. The writing is really rad and keeping me super invested even when I’m not 100% sure what’s going on. I especially like getting a whole Luthor issue going into some of the background of this plan and how he recruited some of the other villains for the Legion of Doom. It’s also cool seeing them layer all of this old weird stuff on top of an otherwise contemporary plot. For example, they’re using the classic Legion of Doom underwater fortress aesthetic, but now it’s in a lake of lava and made out of special stone mined by an immortal that makes it difficult to see. It’s a fun update while still keeping the classic aesthetic in place. I also really like the team for Legion of Doom emulating the classic lineup from the show but with the scarier comic versions of the characters. The Joker is particularly dangerous, and Grodd is really intense too. I suspect the Justice League team will strike a similar balance, but we need a bit more focus on them together before I can say… for sure. This issue claims to be the start of a new arc, but it seems like since the series is new it’s just one continuous story, so the arc doesn’t have a ton of meaning. Being biweekly gives it the ability to move quickly which I appreciate for this book since it’s so fucking odd. Excited to keep up with it for a while.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 7/25/18

What’s up everyone, hope you like comics because if not you’re gonna be disappointed when I start talking about them again. If any of you are hoping one day you’ll come to this article and it’ll be something else, keep holding on! Maybe next week I’ll just talk about food. Who knows? But for now I’ll stick to what I’m good at.

Detective Comics #985

Things are getting pretty crazy in the “On the Outside” story arc. Bruce figures out who Karma is and why he might have such a grudge. While he’s out thinking and making that discovery, Karma’s plan escalates significantly  when he kidnaps a school bus full of kids and gives Batman a horrifying ultimatum. This issue drove the plot of the arc forward, but didn’t do as much work with the philosophy of the characters as most of the books have.. However, we do get to see Black Lightning interact with the Bat-Kids he’s been put in charge of, and since he’s sort of a side character I don’t know much about; it’s nice to get scenes that focus on him. The situation Karma has put Batman in is a pretty bad one with no good options; does he choose to save innocents or protect his family? I’m very interested in how the next issue plays out. I love Batman, but I hate the “he can beat anyone with enough prep time” meme and prefer to see him as an actual character than an infallible hero. With how the writing has been, I have a reasonable amount of confidence that we’ll get an interesting resolution and not just “Batman saves everyone because he’s perfect.” We’ll see in a couple weeks if I’m right!

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 7/18/18

Hey everyone, welcome to another (late) edition of the Pull Box! This week is big, with every book being one tolook forward to. Brave and the Bold wraps up, leaving a hole in my life, but Thor brings more mystical shenanigans and my other books cover the rest of the spectrum: indie and cute, superhero team up, and spooky scary horror book. Plus make sure to stay tuned after the credits for a book I absolutely did not intend to review!

The Brave and the Bold #6

The series wraps up in appropriately spectacular fashion with the conflict between Elatha and his brother Balor reaching its peak. Wonder Woman intervenes directly in the conflict, while Batman returns to Gotham to deal with the faery folk who have crossed over through the newly opened pathways. A bit surprisingly, a lot of this issue actually focused on Elatha and not as much on the actual DC characters. I really really enjoyed this story, and the last page ends with a cliffhanger and the words “End of Book One” so there’s hope for me getting more.

I’m a huge fan of DC getting back to doing books that aren’t necessarily tied to continuity.

Letting the characters be used in fun and cool ways without worrying about the effects it has on a larger universe is always a good thing. DC Black Label series will be beginning soon, which also have loose continuity and sound amazing, so stay tuned for those.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 7/11/18+

Hey y’all, as you may have noticed I didn’t publish last week. After making a joke about getting too many books, I only had one book last week. Therefore I decided to roll Justice League #3 into this week’s review and take the week off. Here we go for this installment!

Detective Comics #984

The line of cool introspective comics continues as Karma pushes the BatFam apart by targeting all of them separately. He has the power to read minds and uses it to great advantage, both determining Bruce’s identity and easily countering his surprise and strategy based fighting style. He appears to have some other tricks hidden in his magic or whatever helmet as well. It seems unfair to be putting Bruce through this much bullshit given what happened in his main book, but I’m curious to see how it plays out. Putting another rift in the family feels a bit like piling on. It’s also unclear how much this lines up with the main book, I have no fucking idea how that works. Regardless, Karma seems like a pretty rad villain and I want to see his motivations and see more about who he is and where the powerful helmet came from. There’s some dialogue from Bruce I really like toward the end, and I really like Black Lightning’s role in the story. Detective Comics is really fucking strong and I really hope it doesn’t get messed up by the big developments from Batman. Regardless, I’ll be sticking with it as we’re just under a year from DC #1000!

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/27/18

No rest for me, another week of camic bocks. There’s agood balance of stuff, although this time I find myself far more excited by Marvel’s offerings than DC’s. Let’s see if I end up enjoying them more!

Detective Comics #983

After the brief one-shot last time, we’re back launching into a full arc. Some villain calling himself Batman’s Karma is targeting the members of the Bat-Family, claiming they weaken Batman and that he has become a brand more than a symbol. I’m really liking the stuff this creative team is tackling honestly. Batman’s usual fights with villains are pretty well contained in the main Batman book and spin-offs like Deathstroke vs Batman or the Prelude to the Wedding one-shots, and this seems to be tackling big picture questions about Batman’s place in the universe. Obviously any huge changes will probably be reserved for the main book, but Detective Comics has taken off in a cool and contemplative direction. This arc is also guest starring Black Lightning which is rad because I don’t know shit about him and I like getting small introductions to characters that I don’t normally read. I really loved the Batman and ______ series in the New 52 after Robin died and there was a different character every issue. Anyway, this looks like another opportunity to see the Bat fam tested in a new way, so I’m into it.

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Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/20/18

Welcome back fellow nerds to another exciting round of comical books! It’s a light week this week, which is good because I have a lot going on with work stuff. The good news though is that despite being a slightly light week, it’s packed with some of my favorites (to be fair I did prune a lot of stuff off my list so it’s mostly favorites and things may be light for a while). Anyway, let’s jump in!

The Brave and the Bold #5

The penultimate issue of the Brave and the Bold miniseries! The mystery all comes together, setting up an action packed final issue. I have to say, I had a lot of fun guessing along with Diana and Bruce. It wasn’t quite formatted for you to try and draw your own conclusions along the way, but it did give you pieces slowly to try and guess. I did not get the right trail at all, I had no clue how this would turn out, but it’s still very satisfying. Dipping even further into Celtic myth is fine by me as well, with Balor of the Evil Eye solidifying as a villain and a massive battle beginning to take shape. More and more this series reminds me of Hellboy. Shame to see it end. Overall I still love this series and this issue was strong. Art remains excellent, although on some pages the font seemed weirdly too big and almost blurry. I need to investigate if it’s a print error in my copy or just weird formatting. Regardless, when the trade for this comes out down the line I strongly recommend grabbing it if you have an interest in mythological based superhero comics.

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