Trash or Treasure – Volume 4


Welcome to Volume 4 of Trash or Treasure where I finally make my foray into a Troma Film: 1998’s Decampitated. Troma was founded in 1974 and since then has become synonymous with terrible movies. I first heard of this film from Achievement Hunter’s now defunct “Theater Mode Movie Club”, so from the get-go I wasn’t expecting a Cannes-breaking film. The movie’s very misleading cover art and poster denotes  a generally straight-forwards experience: nudity, gore, and general terrible-ness. What I got was so, so much worse.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 3

The Perfect Score

For this week’s Trash or Treasure I dug into my own personal collection of movies and watched 2004’s The Perfect Score. The movie is about a group of six teenagers (just like Zombeavers! Wow!) who plan to steal the S.A.T answers before their upcoming S.A.T. On the surface it sounds like a stupid movie, but once you discover it was directed by the Brian Robbins, of Norbit fame, you realize – yes, you are in for a stupid movie.

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 2

Hot Bot

For this week’s article I watched 2016’s Hot Bot. This movie, ,like so many American Pie knock-offs involves two teenage boys trying to have sex. The gimmick of this particular movie, is that it involves them trying to have sex with a robot. Hot Bot adds a special twist though, and the robot the two boys encounter is actually stolen from a high ranking government official. Hijinks ensue, the boys learn a lesson, and everything is right in the end (or as right as you could possibly feel after watching this movie).

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Trash or Treasure – Volume 1


What is it that makes a movie terrible? This is an easy question to answer for most of us. Bad writing, bad acting, bad effects; bad everything. Troll 2 comes to mind, a movie so tone zany that the part of my brain that processes plot is permanently broken. Despite the bad name, some of these movies are actually quite entertaining. Something within these movies draws me to them. I have a self-imposed (and possibly self-degrading) title of “Bad Movies Connoisseur”, and indeed of most people I know, I’ve found myself watching movies traditionally deemed as “shit”. 

To start the series off I found it impossible to find a movie more fitting than the movie that inspired it all: Zombeavers. Released in 2014, I found this special movie on Netflix. The basic premise of the movie involves a barrel of radioactive waste that has found its way to a beaver dam, which just so happens to be on the lake where six raunchy teenagers happen to be staying. It’s as cliche as the genre gets.

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