Building the Lexicon for Video Games

Last week I set out to write a Metanalysis article on the “skill floor” and the “skill ceiling”, two jargons or special words that I felt were important to cover. After several heated conversations with friends and coworkers about what constitutes a video game and several other high-concept topics, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to analytically and fairly discuss video games because we lack the language to do so.

So, like every other week, I set out to write the article and submitted it to my peers for review, so that upon receiving the feedback I could edit the article and queue it up for release. However, after getting back the edits, I got into a discussion on how the writing felt split and the subject was not given the space necessary to truly be explored. Language as a subject is something that is often covered in books and at length, so to try and break down language as a “review” failed to capture the importance the subject demanded.

As such, after giving it some thought, I will likely expand the writing to be a multi-article feature, giving each word its own individual writing and treating each one as a chapter in a book. Perhaps some day I will actually print out the full feature and bind it as a book, with the hopes that it is widely adopted so that we may all have a common language to speak with when discussing video games.

That goal is far off, and as someone who is not classically trained in linguistics, English, or anything relevant, I’ll have to wing it and hope that we can build it as something academic.

Wish me luck!


-Brian Perez

Live Podcast – A Personal Retrospective

On Saturday 8/26, as some of you noted, The Skill Floor was privy to an exclusive opportunity that I hope is the first of many public opportunities to come. We were allowed to stream our podcast, live from the Fleet Science Center here in San Diego’s Balboa Park. The location is a museum by day, but this past weekend they happened to host an all-night gaming event in celebration of the newest exhibit Game Masters, which is a celebration/dive into some of the most influential games over the last 40 years that have molded the game industry into what it is today.

To reiterate: we got to do a live podcast! And at one of my personal favorite locations from my youth! In the middle of an exhibit and during an event meant to showcase playing video games!!

I don’t think we could have gotten a luckier first outing as a media group. Continue reading “Live Podcast – A Personal Retrospective”