Update 1117, Extra Life is Here

For the second year now we’re lacing up our shoes and getting ready to shmooze because it’s EL time. Today in fact we’ve got a heaping helping of EL fun times on it’s way up to us. Things are about to get so frosty that even now icicles are starting to form at my nips.

The details for this coming week is on it’s way and is coming in hot.

Our internet has been pretty stable the last few days with nothing but a consistent and strong signal over the last day or two. After talking with the cox technicians and having them look over the studio they wound up sending an escalation to cox who is going to look into it. After they checked it out I think we’re now in good shape. But we won’t know for some time.

What This Means for Extra Life

Well nothing really. We’ve got a backup location slated just in case things go down. I don’t know how long transitioning will take, but the answer is, at least we have an option to pivot over.

Extra Life is still going to happen, in the way it’s supposed to happen, with the people it’s supposed to happen with.

How Are You Doing?

To be honest we’ve all been pretty stressed out. It’s been really bad on our mental health being unable to stream regularly when we need to. We feel awful, it feels like a betrayal of everything we’re all about here. I hope that you’ve been able to get your news elsewhere.

Speaking of we’re coming back with Cold Brew as soon as December rolls in. Something that I know a few of you have missed since we started doing the NaNoWriMo streams.

I’m probably going to be doing some Destiny streaming tonight if you’re interested in catching up with things over here.


I’ll post another update on the website when I can. I want  to make sure that most of the things I put up are at least a bit edited, and I’m actually going to try and get this thing published, with like, a publisher and stuff. I don’t know how it’ll go, but maybe it’ll happen. There are about 3400 words that have to get written today so I can keep on track so…

Well get to it then!

I will, I will!

Just remember our Extra Life link is here. You can win this keyboard. And we’ll see you tomorrow for some cretaceous fun.




Getch Would Have Written This Better – The Weekly Update

What happens when Eneaz is at work, Brian is MIA and Getch is off filling his crevices with coffee? Mad-Cat does the update, that’s what. (I apologize in advance for lack of Getch/Brian style & quality.)

So here I am, typing this from my phone because I refuse to get off the couch as I’m one of two people here that does actual labor on the weekdays.

Internet upload is still utter garbage. 

Eneaz tests the internet almost hourly when he’s here, and there seems to be no change in the upload speed. He recanted a conversation he had where a tech on the phone told him both the router and his (few months old) computer only last a year. I’m not super tech savvy but even I know better than that. That feels…mall-kiosk salesman slimy. Like he was trying to up-sell something.
The boys have another tech scheduled tomorrow, so here’s hoping everything gets fixed soon. We miss streaming, and we miss you all.

(We’ll be filming our Pathfinder campaign and posting it on Youtube soon)

Getch and Brian have been continuing their NaNoWriMo plan diligently

I came in late last night to see Getch burning the midnight vinegar and he was still going long after I passed out for the night. (Which is probably why he is currently bathing in coffee) Brian mentions his writing every time I’ve seen him in person recently. I’m proud of both of them. Like a mother bird watching her children escape getting eaten by a cat.
I’ve yet to sit down and read what they’ve posted here, because I suck, mostly.  I’ve tasted a bit of Getch’s writing salt before and have enjoyed it. Brian is DM for our Pathfinder campaign, so I am curious to see what he writes like. Here’s to them finishing the month and not dying in the process.

My health is improving.

It’s not where I’d like it, but at least I’m not sleeping for most of the day any more. Food is still a challenge for me. Either I don’t want to eat or I’m the hungriest person alive. While the first is more common, the second is an issue because I feel awful after eating, always. I have an appointment set to get a camera shoved down my throat coming up. I’m so excited about that. So. So. Excited. Eeeeh. The important part being, I’m alive.

Extra Extra Extra Life 

The 24 hour stream is still a go as of right now. NOVEMBER 18 AT NOON PST SCRUBBERS, BE THERE. We somehow already have $25 donated as of this posting.
I’m mostly hoping the internet is fixed by then. Getch left the RoosterTeeth Extra Life livestream running and I was transfixed by that for 2 hours. It did give me some ideas. Mostly I just want to see the boys in pain. For the kids, you see. 

Life, In General? 

It’s pretty much out there now that Eneaz and I are engaged. There’s a second bit that we have told immediate family and friends but haven’t really put it out to the public yet: We’re getting married in January 2018.
It’s been a whirlwind of emotion for the two of us. All sparking from us realizing: “I don’t want to go to the DMV more than once.” Our ID’s expire next year and we just..we really don’t wanna go through ordeal that more than necessary. We’re idiots but we’re each other’s idiot.

But yeah. Eneaz and I are going to be married. Soon. We’re having a tiny wedding that we may livestream. (Mostly for out of state/country friend’s benefit.) It’s a matter of seeing what we can do with what we have access to.

I happy-cried this morning. Like, full on, tears and laughter. PURE JOY IS A MYTH. Or so I thought. I’m happy. I hope you all are too.

We’ll see you soon.
— ❤ MadCat

You Know What’s Really Scary, The Swift Unstoppable Passage of Time

Guess who’s been crushed by the horrible weight of a life ending writer’s block. Seriously, this might be it, what if I die here, it certainly seems like a possibility since every part of me is craving a way to not write the weekly update.

Boo to that we say, boo to being lazy (despite world’s most seductive futon asking me if we can have a cuddle session). I said every week we’d get a weekly update, and one weekly update will happen today even if it kills me which, as I said, is very possible. If there’s no stream tonight please send help.

I almost have a finalized list of playsets for the Extra Life Fiasco session so that voting can begin sometime next week. If you have any ideas for a super hot fiasco playset or find one, please let me know so I can add it to the list.

All this month Cold Brew has fundamentally changed into a different show. A show that Eneaz uncreatively calls reading out loud. A show that I creatively call “Sometimes Fantasy Has to Happen and it Doesn’t Matter How Much you tell Brian to do Something Else.” This show is a hybrid progress update on NaNoWriMo which will run this whole Nov and some of the casual conversation that me and Brian usually do. We’re basically providing updates every morning, and reading a section of the work that we’ve done (5k+ words). If you want to participate join us at NaNoWriMo.org

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The Not Quite Halloween, but Sorta Halloween Update, Like Starbucks Drink Halloween, Where It’s Not Quite Spooky, but is Pretty Close I Guess. I Mean At Least Some People Are Trying

The worst part of this weekly update is actually that I forgot my keyboard cable, so I’m typing this on the horrifying keyboard that is attached to the laptop.

I know, what an embarrassment I am, especially when so much of this week has been draped in Keyboard love.

With Extra Life speeding close and November eventing coming fast to close we’re running short on time to keep things nice and tight in the coming months.

Figuring out how to do Extra Life is always taxing, we want a routine that makes transitioning between sets as smooth as possible, and figuring out what format for that to take is always hard. Games need to be fun for both the viewer and the streamer. Usually this means trying to put together a different gimmick for each of the streams (Cuphead while wearing oven mits?)

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UPDATEEEEE 10/20/2017

Hey there sunshine bear. Who’s ready for a heaping tea spoon of updates. No? You hate updates? Well that’s too bad, here we go.

This coming 7 day period will bring us so close to Halloween you can practically taste the stolen candy. Continuing the Halloween action, Travis will continue his extremely sexy run of Until Dawn, a game that stole so much from Indigo Prophecy that it sends it Father’s Day cards.

Speaking of Indigo Prophecy and father’s, I am so excited by The Evil Within that I’m changing this Friday stream to The Evil Within 2. I know that many of you who feel as heavily as I do about Indigo Prophecy are going to be disappointed by this, but trust me a little change goes a long way for personal growth. Besides we all know which game is king. (There’s also a section with nudity and I’m horrified of getting reprimanded by papa twitch.)

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The Skill Floor Update 10/13/17

So a few updatos capitan. I’m officially back and swinging. I’ve already returned to the front and chances are you’ve seen me showing up in stuff.

So yay for that, let me tell you I’d so much rather be streaming than doing sadboi stuff. It’s nice to be back and making again although this comes after I missed the Makerfaire in San Diego ( 🙁 ) so I can’t really talk.

So business time, what do we have going on, well this Saturday we’ve got the podcast. It’ll be I, Phil, Spec, and Brian. A lot of the newer folks won’t remember Spec, but he used to be a staple in the pods back when we were in the library. We plan to talk a bit about some of the stuff happening to Dan Harmon on Twitter right, but there will probably also be some keyboard discussion too!

Tonight I’ll be playing everyone’s favorite horror experience, Indigo Prophecy, a game that’s aged like fruit fly infested Mango. It’s most likely going to be slow and painful, please come.

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Out For a Bit

When we sit down to think about someone’s life we usually grab onto a set of memories to reflect on. I’m convinced this is a piss awful way to think about human lives, but I’ve yet to come up with more clever ideas.

How do we decide which memories get ingrained as the bits that will live on in us, why can I remember my mom’s love of “House of Sand and Fog,” but not her favorite food? These things feel so random, and I so wish I could find more of these impressions, but these people are gone now. Whatever’s left of them is now just a collection of vignettes.

When my dad died I remembered playing catch in the yard, vague memories of volcanic stones littering the back yard, and walking around the canyon behind where we lived. I remember playing out a memory of us admiring his tomatoes while he looked so shriveled in front of me.

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