The Pool Time Update

Okay so I’m trying to not overdose on coffee right now, but it’s a total challenge to keep things under control as we get closer to podcast time and the number of things I need to gets ever higher.  I usually write these pre-podcast but post cooking, so by this point my day is well strung and nearly over. Through this ocean of hurry I’ve managed to survive almost entirely off of this Aubrey Plaza ASMR video that was born out of W magazine.

It fills me with PandR nostalgia, and is awesome. If you’re having a hard time, I would suggest checking it out.

Anyway, I’ve got some apologizing to do. Last week I led by saying that the morning programming would be back. That was wrong. In fact it was so wrong. It was opposite of right. We did even less morning program, and god forbid, if Eneaz was not there to cover there would have been NOTHING. NOOOOTTHHIINNGGG.

But we’re all cleaned out of the old office now. Everything has been moved to the new place (but have not been setup quite yet) This means that we’ll be back to the morning M – W program during the 9 to 5 block.

MMM is still going, I’m working on something to get caught up, and it’s sort of killing me, but it’ll be worth it when we finally bring ourselves back together and are on track.

It’s NICK CAGE month. No seriously, Nic “Saint Olaf” Cage was delivered to us by aliens on this month. We don’t know the specific day because time didn’t exist in the way we know it during the oily refuse of his creation. All this month Rosa (The poor sodding disciple of Cage) has relegated themselves to the batters den of Cage movies. It’s just Cages. Forever. As the editor for the series let me alert you to my dismay with a well recorded voice line.


Besides that Wolf is slated to do some exciting Superman specific stuff we’re finalizing the details, but I’m doing everything in my power to research Sman to make sure we can grab some good stuff.

That’ll tie it up this week. We’re going to the pool at the new office to go veg and chat. Thanks for readdddddddd.


The Long Short Update

I’m not a good person wrangler, I’m basically restricted to aggressively texting people last minute to try and get folks to get sized up to show up. I basically spend about 30% of my Friday in a fit of panic about how I’m going to be able to get the whole cast rounded up for the night. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it feels like my body is about to catch fire.

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The “Still Slacking” Update

You know what inconsistency is right? It’s when two things appear to externally appear similar, but are actually similar.

As some of you folks know I’ve been doing radical gym stuff in my free time, and on Thursday I went to a different 24 hour fitness than the one I usually go to. Oh my god, what have I been doing with my time, the one I usually go to, has messed up weights, there’s always a line for the power racks, but here, here, no wait, beautiful bumper weights. It was a dream.

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The Girl Scout Update

So here we are. It’s finally time when I’m writing an update at 3 AM on a dusty, shitty computer in a dark room. It’s not quite all the gloomy, I’m actually typing it on my shadow right now so that’s pretty cool, and the room is the perfect writing temperature, but damn. I’m supposed to be up early for gym/boardgame/pleasurable time and I’ll be damned if I sleep through those items on the agenda.

Plus there’s the newly found element of Possicrit editing which I’m on hook for.

What’s Possicrit? Well it’s our new D&D podcast. Everyone’s grandma has a podcast now and we’ll be damned if we get left behind so we decided to suit up and lock into a new Fatnasy romp. Th podcast is being run by Manny who has been Podcast, and Joe who has also been Podcast. Our first session was a real high concept romp and we’re super excited to keep it going in the later times.

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The Coffee Maker Update

Please turn me into coffee.

There are few things better than the enthralling rush of nearly dying on the CA-15. This freeway, renowned for it’s exceptional death toll is practically sentient with it’s pursuit of bodily harm. Some freeways are free from the harm of others by virtue of the time of day that folks are traveling the road, but the 15 is never accident free.

At least 3 times while leaving work at late hours, I have seen flipped cars. How do you flip a car there at midnight when there is nobody else around, I don’t know it’s a mystery.

This among other factors have motivated a decision to move offices. Some of the more in tune Floor Birds may no doubt be privy to this desire. We have been spending most weekends hunting for a new hearth and have some delightful candidates to this effect. Either way, know that a move is coming soon and when it happens there will be scheduling changes, but in the mean time enjoy some lovely home hunting videos put together by our lovely friends at google on our twitter.

This last week I’ve really been trying to put together a video of Rising Sun on account of it being so hot and sexy. All the minis look fresh in their plastic casing, and don’t tell anyone this, but my copy of blood rage is actually quite sticky. Rising Sun has no stick, and speaking of a lack of stick, we’ve got a brand new soundboard which hopefully fixed some of our more pressing sound issues. Our old one is basically begging to get set on fire, and seems to be in a constant state of asking for the sweet release of death. Tip, if anyone actually knows the proper way to put a soundboard out of it’s misery, I’d love to know.

Possicrit has yet to record, see previous home shopping reasons for why that is, this coming week is likely to see the recording of a hot number so we can get our bumbles in order and put that thing together.

A long time ago we ran a raffle for our lovely Extra Life shindig, well your packages have since been mailed out. Things have been dispersed to the winds and hopefully your goods arrive in healthy, sexy, winnerific status. You definitely earned it for waiting so long.

Tonight, Eneaz and I will likely spend some romantic time playing some of the new Crytek game, Hunt:Showdown. If it’s anything like our other experiences playing games it’ll end with us being dead. If we could end up not dead that would be great, but you know us, always dying.

Do you speak German? I love the German language, and earlier in the year we had a German friend visit the office and whisper sweet nothings to us while we worked. Well this miracle of modern engineering (my German friend is actually a robot) showed me a German let’s play group who have a live audience, band, and play on a projector. It’s so crazy, and also completely incomprehensible thanks to them not speaking the same language. It’s so cerebral, definitely the future of the craft.

This week there will be another installment of Trash or Treasure and Wolf’s Comic Odyssey. Those things are basically second clam now, but Joe is also planning on releasing one of his gaming lifestyle things on Wed, making this coming week a banging one if you’re a person on the rafters of our website.

Of course there will also be the usual strambles, with Nobledudewolf playing more… I thought we were on weird games, but he did WoW last week, so maybe more of that. Who even knows anymore, I don’t. But he’ll be there (here?) doing Wolfy things.

Additionally, there will be some hot bodies floating around the streams this Monday as the freshly minted married folk slide into a life of astute earnestness and continue one of several coop adventures which seemingly have no end. Truly married life is an eternal nightmare.

Well that’ll be it this week. Please shoot me some photos of your happy existences so that I might stoke the constitutions of my waning heart.



Marriage upDate

People are always surprised to find out I’m involved in a podcast. It’s not the first or the last thing I introduce myself with and for the most part, people find out when I have to cancel plans with them because something TSF comes up.

I’ve had conversations with Brian about how much my social life has suffered because of this baby that’s always sleeping in the back of my mind, the YSBDM baby. Which besides sounding like a hot sexual masterpiece, is the name I’ve given to the determined voice that is always telling me that I could do more.

I’ve forgotten how to take breaks. When I’m trying to enjoy something there’s always that little voice hanging out, chatting me up like dejected furniture catalog, telling me you should be doing more.

For longer than a year now, I’ve been working towards something. I’ve got a team, we’ve got a plan, and we’re working better than ever to mill out more but growth is a slow thing, and the wheezing breaths sound loudest when I’m laying in my room thinking about what I thought my life would be and what life is now.

The truth is I’m scared. I’ve been scared since I left college. I don’t think I’ll stop being scared. The difference, is that I’m scared of different things. Now what scares me most is this project (TSF) going away. A few months ago during the internet crises of 2018, huddled over a plate of eggs and lukewarm coffee, I told Brian that I was worried we were done. Nearly in tears, I whimpered for another cup of coffee to a waitress that had probably seen way more shit that night than I would in my entire life. What if all of this amounts to nothing. What if we never get it right. She begrudgingly poured coffee while I said more dramatic things to Brian about how fucked we were.

Then we had a meeting, and everything was alright again.

Of course, we do get it right once in a while. Both with the people we work with and with those that we get to see do dumb photoshops, and for those that love star wars, and for those that join us for Marvel movies.

We get it wrong too, late starts, inconsistent moderation, a spotty schedule.

It’s easy to let the wrong stuff slide because part of my insides say that it doesn’t matter.

That part of me is so, so stupid.

On Friday two people who met doing this project got married. Months after they met and started dating they committed to a lifetime commitment to one another. To thoughtfully pledge everyday towards making each other’s lives better. This decision was made during an unsteady time period in life. There are no allotments for stability being made, and financially no party is in the best shape. Despite this adversity vows were exchanged, rings given, documents signed, and family members appeased.

I asked Brian if he thought Eneaz was worried. I asked Eneaz if he was worried. I asked Rachel if she was worried. They all said no.

There has always been this pressing desire to find what is best. When I met Eneaz at Kanpai late on a Thursday afternoon (nearly 2 years ago!), my instincts told me to move on as quickly as possible. Deep in my gullet, there was a judgmental decision about how far this person could help take me. How far they could take this project. Sense dictated that there was someone better, somewhere. Because of that I almost didn’t meet a good friend. We joke about it now, but honestly I’ve spent many nights thinking about how fucked we’d be if I stayed a judgmental piece of shit. Thank fucking Christ he had a business card.

My fears about TSF stem from my fears about impact, but two people were able to find one another in this abysmally chaotic world and choose to support one another. Their narrative contains a fragment of this thing that’s grown from a library conference room to an office, to you. Regardless of whether or not this budding plant is snuffed by bad internet, or more likely our incompetence, it’s a shred of something in someone else’s life. For times like today, there is nothing I could ask more of what started as a silly idea while I was in between projects for my “real job.”

I didn’t get to attend the wedding, for the same reason I’m always bailing on my friends, because of work. There are some sentiments I would like to share though, and this weekly update might be as good a place as any. I like to picture a lectern in a ballroom, things like this are always said in ballrooms.

It is a fearsome decision to decide to love. It is probably the only decision we get to make that is solely based on personal whim, and yet so immediately impactful for the rest of your days. I have no doubts that there will be numerous swells in the water of your lives which might disquiet the cozy home being built from the waste wood we’re using to carve out an “ours”. Sure as those doubts are, I know that on the other side, you will remain in the basking sunlight of the defeated torrent, hands held, smiles tightly bound, floating to wherever you might go. Might we learn from your example, would be a blessing that all of us could awaken as better people.

If nothing else should come of TSF, I am happy that it has at least served in this way.

Definitely not a weekly update,


The “I Wrote This Under The Effect Of Monster Hunter” Update

Hello there cheery Skillets (that is to say people who enjoy the skill floor, and not to imply that you are all metal cookware), it’s time to revel in what’s sure to be another exciting week of TSF goodness.

Namely we have a schedule change incoming. Do you hear that in the distance, that’s the sound of ships being sunk, of titanic vessels being washed away by the tide… of change. The biggest thing that’s rotating is the morning schedule. We’re moving the crew stream to the embittering Monday slot and the MMMMM is replacing it on Tuesdays. I’ll be doing my solo morning program on Wednesday. Start your day as frustratingly as possible, by watching us play games in the morning. The new schedule will commence this week, on Monday.

Speaking of the MMMMMMMMMMM. We’re doing the big one. The spiciest mamajama, the turning point of tuning points, we’re doing Avengers 1: The Truth of Terra. A movie as fake as it is real. I know you want to watch it, because it made my friend cry, and anything that can make someone cry is worth spending time on.

Also returning is a whole host of anomalous streams in the evenings. Wowhowcool has been hitting that college gym and is having his world totally rocked by education. That sadly means that our bleary lad is going to be away from the keyboard almost as soon as he arrived. Well it’s like they say, easy come, easy go. There is still stuff happening almost every night, with action taking place nearly every day in the evenings. If you were lucky you may have caught the oceanic adventure of me playing Jalopy, a game that is as much about being stuck as it is about the Russian countryside. I managed to actually finish it recently and will probably pick it back up tonight in my quest for a russian car success. I’m actually really interested in racing this game with someone. It seems like a fun game to be pressed for time in, and having the chill countryside eroded by that sweet desire for victory would be a fun addition to the challenging game.

Noblewolf streams on Wednesdays and Tuesdays, inviting a whole plethora of East Coast livelihood to what is traditionally a disgusting West Coast climate. He’s one of my best friends and knows more things about things than pretty much anyone I know. That’s terrifying because I’m friends with an Encylopedia from the 1950’s. It’s a bit racist, but gosh is she smart.

Anyway, Noblewolf is not racist, and he knows even more than that 50’s ‘cyclopedia. If you want proof check out his comic section which is dedicated to all things new and fresh in the realm of comics. It’s the only contemporary thing on our website and is every bit as hot as it is colorized. If a comic section could have amazing abs, it would be this comic section.

We also have a power couple, it’s the combination of MC and Eneaz, not to be confused with MC Eneaz. Every Monday night they engage in the shared experience of playing video games in the worst way possible. With each other.

If that were not enough, and is should not be (you deserve so much more) we have our worldclass podcast every Friday from 8 to 9. Why one hour? It used to be 2 hours, 2 hours is greater than one hour.

Well pesky noticer of changes, it’s because we literally have a movie night, and you should come and watch with us. Links will be in our Discord, where you can be, just like us.

One other, more serious thing I wanted to mention was the colorful exchange that happened in Discord. Someone made a joke, some people were worried, and we came down really hard. Nobody is to blame directly for the overreaction, it’s in large part the result of several links in our chain being unprepared for what we should do when that happens. I wanted to say sorry to the person targeted, sorry you got the worst of that. You should never feel uncomfortable being you and if you say something that makes someone else uncomfortable you won’t be singled out like that. We have to be aware of when stuff like that goes on and react, but we went way too hard on something that should have been way more soft.

Here’s a practical statement. If you do something accidentally we might have to take some type of action. That action should be discreet and it is our job as moderators to react. In the instance of the recent occurrence, we were not able to quickly, and as a result we reacted too harshly. Also note that it is our job to react to you, not for you to attempt to sensor yourself. We might have to chat about why something is/is not okay, but we will make sure that things are okay, and no part of that burden should rest on anyone else.

We know you mean well. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this.

A N Y W A Y.

That’s it. Seriously I’m all out of things to talk about. Go away now.



The “With Photos”Weekly Update

A slow quiet washes over the misty mountain as we ride into the next pathway of these winding twists. For us this is week three of a glorious and bountiful year made manifest.

The winding brambles of luxury rejected, in favor of more work, over more time, doing more effort.

This week there are a number of new and super blue things coming up and coming out – coffee is done, you know important things first.

Anyway where I left off before I was so rudely interrupted by the screeching pot of nonsense that is my kettle, it’s gonna be another week of stuff to look at.

On Monday morning we’ve got a bodacious morning broadcast feat. yours truly where I’ll be taking a quick 30 minute romp through some of the goings on. I say 30 minutes, but we almost always end up going over and having a pleasant chat.

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I’m resisting with all of my strength to start this update, A very Merry Update, just because I know that it is

A) no longer even close to the holidays

B) there is nothing even remotely merry about the goings on this year

Still though it is good to be back on it (it being hard work) making things for the explicit purpose of making moneybeing entertaining.

You might have noticed some light morning programming that’s making a journey back into the dawning hours. If so, good for you, being so attentive, nothing gets by you does it.

Well since you are so aware, let me drop some more awareness. I’ll be doing a solo news segment from 11(ish) for a half hour and change every morning. Expect a real potpourri of topics, segments, and the like. On Tuesday we’ll be doing some kind of group gaming bit. We’re currently rushing through the Division and it’s a fantastic time, a great game to play with friends except for Brian, who’s number one talent thus far has been detonating at so much the whiff of danger. Then on Wednesday It’ll be the MMMMMMM(10000 M’s?) a Marvel movie marathon. This week after the podcast we watched The Incredible Hulk, if you’d like join in come by our Discord, the Rabbit link is there.

Eneaz and Rachel have officially begun wedding correspondence and are now taking steps to actively engage themselves in marriage. Tuxedos are being rented, dresses are being purchased, corsages, and all of the other hot action is being rolled out for what is sure to be the biggest wedding I’ll ever have to go to between two Skill Floor folks.

You can consider that an official disbarment to people wanting to know when Brian and I are getting married. The answer is never. Never married.

Podcasts will be coming up on Friday’s at 8 instead of the Saturday slot, this is mostly because of Brian wanting to have time to spend with his signif other. Which is reasonable, we probably deserve to have time spent doing things we enjoy, we have rights!

You may have also have noticed that there there are a number of unfamiliar faces popping up on the channel. We are opening up for other people who want to stream on our channel. One of them is a good friend from college whose doing WoW stuff and had an awesome stream of Cat President.

Abraham has been working the mid day slot doing a bunch of Hollow Knight and several of the others have been running about setting up other streams (Crafter I’m looking at you).

In general you’re looking at more stuff in more times with more people, and if that doesn’t make your hands all tingly then nothing will.

This week there won’t be a stream on Saturday as we’ll be hosting AGDQ, hang out with us in our chat and let’s talk about what’s cool (and what’s not.)



Seasonal Affective Update 12/15

So I was walking through the fields that sit outside Chula Vista in a jade field and in the distance I could see the shining beacon of a city far off in the distance. There was value out there.

Around this same time at my flank was an encroaching shadow that billowed out casting shadows over the entire field. A wide smile surrounded by jibbery cheeks flapped from above. A well pressed suit sewed into the neck of the balloonesque figure blowing over the place where I made comfort. From above money falls to the Earth flattening the city in the distance and rotting the verdant columns of grass which flowed into the onwards.

It was Ajit Pai and his fucking Net Neutrality repeal.

Well at least our internet is working now. The issue must have been the modem because when I replaced it everything started working fine. There were additional steps taken upstream by Cox whch may have cooked our internet problem’s goose, but this victory I chalk up to a new modem.

So immediately, this means the podcast is coming back. Eyyyy

I don’t have a guest list for you, but it’ll be at least Brian, I, and Cats of Mads. Feat special guests Joe, or Spec. Or a guy named Handofferson. Either way it’s back and coming in with hot and fresh love.

Brian has been cooking up potential new motions for moving purposes and has been completely consumed by that very thing. His girlfriend also recently took up tenure working at the location where we are currently employed. Victory enshrouds all involved party’s at this notable and beautiful success to swallow the business by packing it with as much friends and family as we can.

Rachel has been working on some editing stuff and has been contending with awful wifi at the office, please be sure to send flowers in the shape of the wifi symbol to the appropriate place.

I’ve been working tirelessly to get as much stuff together as I can, but there is a hard lack of time to invest into making things that I want to make. So patience, as always is the key.

When are you going to finish editing/start editing that book?

January probably. There’s gotta be some layover time to let some of the story rust so I can look at it like it’s not mine. I really want to be able to cut and prune and that means that I need to not feel attached to anything in particular.

Extra Life Prizes?

For Sanity reasons I’m avoiding the post office, so please wait until after New Years. Please. Don’t make me go there 🙁

Star wars on the podcast?

Unlikely, seeing as nobody will have a chance to see it in a reasonable amount of time.

Cold Brew coming back?

Yes, but not all at once. Expect a general return coming next week on Tuesday at 11 AM. On Monday we’re going to clean the area back out and reset the set. We’re going to run two shows. One on Tuesday and another on Wednesday to get a general feeling of how the show should play out. Then the following week we’ll be off for Christmas and the following day. Expect us to pick back up Wed the 27th before returning to the normal Cold Brew Schedule.

Evening streams will continue to be occupado by the evening teamo. Expect Madcat and Eneaz on Mondays, Travis Tuesdays and Thursdays, Wolfy Wednesdays, and of course I’ll be doing stuff on Friday.

But yeah, the big news here is that our internet looks good. ooo bb, we’re excited.

See you all 2nite.

Watching Love, Actually