Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 11/28/18-12/5/18

Hey y’all, back again and testing out a bi-weekly format. With life being a little extra hectic this time of year, I’m seeing if switching the release schedule makes this a little easier and more consistent. Should also cut down on super short weeks as they’re usually followed by decently full ones. We’ll see whether the new format works better for me in the coming weeks as we approach 1 year of CWPB!

Aquaman/Justice League Drowned Earth #1

This issue is not to be confused with the previous Justice League/Aquaman Drowned Earth #1 because the order of the two names changed. I hate this shit, why not just have a #2? This is popping up ALL THE TIME. Whatever. The comic.

This wraps up the Drowned Earth event as well as setting up for a new start in Aquaman. As a monster called the Death Kraken prepares to kill all life within the ocean (which due to the flooding and magic means everything on Earth), the League struggle to find a way to stop the squid based genocide. Aquaman returns from his little sidequest and offers a solution for peace, while Mera cautions him against risking everything to accomplish that peace. The Tide Gods were wronged by Poseidon eons ago, so Aquaman offers them Poseidon’s Trident to show he is different. It’s an appropriate way for the story to go, especially given the mythological component. Everything went wrong because a ton of years ago Poseidon, a Greek god, was an asshole. Surprise, welcome to every fucking Greek myth. The action was really good though, and a couple small twists and turns keep the rest engaging. Not exactly my favorite event in history, but this was enjoyable all the way through and avoided excessive length or tie-ins unlike recent Marvel events. Hopefully the story will swing back toward The Totality in the wake of this cross-over.

Detective Comics #993

This comic wrapped up the Two-Face arc that’s been running, and it’s sorta unremarkable. The issue does some in medias res shit where it starts at Harvey Dent’s funeral and then flashes back to how he “nobly sacrificed himself” fighting Kobra and their mind control poison. It cuts back and forth and is overlain with the priest narrating, talking about Harvey’s struggles between himself and Two-Face. It served its purpose. Light spoilers, but to literally nobody’s surprise Harvey wasn’t dead and also Batman had already figured that out. So it didn’t have a ton of weight. This whole arc was sort of an aside, Batman taking time to do something more traditionally detective-y. I did like that aspect a lot, but despite lots of general detectiving, I never really got my investigative itch scratched.. The next arc is called “Mythology” which hopefully will be fucking sick.

Doomsday Clock #8

Here we go, another Doomsday Clock, finally! This one is getting fucking intense. Tension between Russia and America is mounting over accusations that America is manufacturing meta-humans as weapons of war. The situation worsens when Firestorm, who is somewhat unstable and impulsive, ends up causing significant harm while trying to defend his innocence. It’s got echoes of Marvel’s Civil War, with normal humans beginning to fear the large number of super powerful individuals running around. Superman involves himself, as always with the best intentions, but the situation is particularly tricky and complicated. Superman is given authority by the world and is expected to act without bias, expected not to favor America. Him taking any side is dangerous, even if his side is something as reasonable as “let’s not persecute metas”. The end of this issue is a really big cliffhanger/what the fuck moment, so the next 2 month wait is going to be even more frustrating. At this point the DC Universe and the Watchmen one have pretty thoroughly collided, with the themes of Watchmen apparent in the metahuman fear. There are also unsurprising parallels with the real world. The original Watchmen existed as a reaction to the Cold War, so seeing how this reflects today’s conflicts and fears has been really interesting.

Justice League #13

In the wake of Drowned Earth the focus shifts back to the full Legion of Doom. No heroes actually show up in this issue, which is a cool trick for a comic. Instead of heroes, the comic opts to focus on Joker, his place in the Legion, his plans behind plans behind plans. It’s an okay issue, although I think there’s a little too much reverence for Joker in the writing. He seems a little too all-knowing and powerful sometimes, and this really pushes that angle. This is also basically just a little lead in for the upcoming Batman Who Laughs series, so it barely sets the stage for the next Justice League arc in the process. I’m honestly a bit disappointed here, it’s the first time the shift from Snyder writing is really apparent. Hopefully the series rights itself in the near future.

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #10

This one gives us further important exposition about the origins of the Shadow Riders and the identity of Black Alice, and why she just shows up and fucks things up. Turns out she had a plan. Which probably isn’t surprising. The part of this issue I’m more interested in is further exploring Raven’s relationship with her foster family – her aunt and uncle – and how much of it is based on them not knowing her secrets. One of the other arcanes caught up in the attack is upset because he got separated from his husband, and the conversation he has with Raven prompts her to think more about her family and friends. I’d really like to see that explored in more depth, although with only 2 issues left that’s probably not in the scope of this mini-series.

Raven’s secret identity is interesting in a few ways, since: A) like Superman, her human identity is the fake one B) she is able to control/change emotions and memories in order to keep her secret and C) she is still very young and prone to figuring things out on the fly.

The next Raven series coming up is a more all-ages series, so it’s unlikely we get further resolution on this soon. I can hope though.

Red Hood: Outlaw #29

Batwoman kinda steals the show in this one, as the two fight through the weird cybernetic/enhanced “Monday” creatures in an attempt to find the person in charge of the creepy operation in the small town. Not sure why, but I really couldn’t get into this one. It’s pretty much all action and hints at some giant far reaching criminal organization, so it sounds fun. I think my tolerance for Lobdell’s writing may be on its way out again, but I’ll take another issue or two before calling it.

Dead Man Logan #1

Here we are, a whole fuckoff year long event to kill Logan. And here I am, buying it, like an asshole. I have every issue of the new Old Man Logan starting with the Secret Wars Battleworld stuff and then 1-50, so it feels right to cap out the collection even if I think the series is excessive. Maybe it’ll prove me wrong.

So far, no dice. Logan is found after his fight with Maestro, nursed back to whatever his version of okay is at this point, and told he has a year to live. Sorta meta but okay. He figures, better not leave any unfinished business. In his world, the original Old Man Logan, he kills pretty much everybody when Mysterio’s illusions paint them all as enemies. The date that should have happened is already passed, but fuck it; if you’re Wolverine, you got a brain full of trauma from your reality, and you got 12 months to live? I guess you just fuckin’ kill Mysterio to be safe. Naturally this plan is garbage, and a villain/psychic called Miss Sinister reads his mind and thinks, “Man, that’s actually a really good way to kill a lot of fucking heroes I should probably pick up Mysterio before he gets murdered.” Thus, Logan’s actions to try and prevent his future actually cause the first steps toward it happening. Absolutely fucking predictable. There’s 11 whole ass more issues though so hopefully it’s more interesting than that. OR they actually let Logan kill off a couple major characters, give this event some claws (get it?) by having it affect the Marvel canon. Currently I’m betting on neither, but we’ll see cuz I’m a damn sucker.

Coda #7

At least until Isola and Moonstruck come off hiatus, Coda holds the highest place in my current crop of books. It’s definitely heading toward the end of this story as Serka’s plan to confront the Pilot that she believes is an evil Whitlord approaches its completion. Meanwhile Hum is still doing his best to find a way to cure Serka of her rage. Both of them plan to use the city/giant’s assault on a keep held by a vampire lord to try and forward their goals. It’s a pretty action packed issue, mainly centering around that attack. The way the book dips back towards traditional fantasy is pretty fun, with Hum complaining the entire time and cringing at the word “quest”. Him not taking the world seriously really keeps it from falling too into tropes, instead swaying between fantasy and apocalyptic while maintaining comedy throughout. I also just really like Hum and Serka, since they’re both fantasy “classes” while also inhabiting this weird world. A lot of plot progression happened in this issue, and there’s 5 more in the 12 issue run, so I’m super ready for more twists and turns.

Crowded #5

The action heats up as the weird live-streamer murder dude begins his plan, and the several other mysterious assassins close in as well. With her hiding place blown by Charlie going to a strip club, Vita has to get them on the move again. The mystery of why she’s like this and why everyone wants to kill her is no closer to being solved, but the guy most actively trying to murder her dug up some people who knew Charlie including her mom last issue to make her feel shitty. With everything closing in, I still have a lot of questions that need answering! So that better happen! I’m still really enjoying both Charlie and Vita as characters, and their dynamic. This book never fails to be a lot of fun, and I’m excited to see how over the top things get in the next issue since spectacle is the whole point of live-streaming murder.

That’s all this time folks! I’ll be back in a couple weeks continuing to try out this format, so enjoy comics and games (and I guess the holidays) until then! Always happy to hear from new or returning people on the Discord, so chime in soon!



Comic Wolf’s Post-Credit

I still have lots of stuff to catch up on, so here’s a new series I decided to check out a bit too late to fit into my normal release rotation!

Middlewest #1

I grabbed this because there’s a cute fox and a spooky face on the cover and that’s literally all I had going into this. It seems to be a book about evil magic wind, a kid on a quest, a talking fox, and bad parenting. Pretty much the entire book is Abel (main character) getting absolutely shit on by his dad. The world is a little weird and interesting, what with the talking fox and mysterious pink liquid vat on Abel’s trailer home, but mostly this was just stressful and sad to read. Sorry for the failed experiment y’all, I’ll have to pick ‘em better next time.

With the extended break between releases, I’m hopefully going to get some longer stuff done so that I can talk about it down here. Stay tuned for hopefully more stuff soon!