Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 11/21/18

Welcome back to the regularly scheduled programming everyone! Now that I’m caught up, things should maybe not be too long for a while. This week is a nice easy one, and two of my books are Drowned Earth chapters. Time to dive in (get it?)!

Aquaman #42

Despite being labeled as a tie-in, this book feels pretty fucking important. The last issue of Justice League ended with Poseidon impaling Aquaman on a trident, and this issue deals with the fallout of that. Aquaman is sent to the mythical version of the dead sea, where heroes and legends go when they die. Aquaman is given an opportunity to pass a test and prove his worthiness and maybe not die. It’s a pretty cool little story, although the guidance he receives from his dead dad feels significantly preachy. He gives a lot of fairly cliche advice – even though I’m dead I’m still with you, you’re more than your powers, sometimes knowing when not to fight is important, love and forgiveness are stronger than hate and regret etc etc. It seems like the book is trying really hard to have a moral, but it doesn’t quite work out despite the preachy advice and frequent nautical metaphors (“weathering the storm” being both a literal storm on the Dead Sea and the spiritual storm of Aquaman’s feelings). That said, the issue is enjoyable as someone that doesn’t really care about Aquaman outside of his role in the Justice League. The events of this issue will be important in the Justice League comic I’m going to review immediately after, so I’m glad I grabbed the tie-in.

Justice League #12

The second to last part of Drowned Earth! I prefer this one to the Aquaman story since it has a broader focus. Batman struggles at the Hall of Justice to try and protect the things stored there, especially The Totality. Aquaman and Wonder Woman spoke to Poseidon at the Graveyard of Gods. The rest of the League and Mera battle furiously, trying to find a powerful artifact that could turn the tide (GET IT?) of the battle. One thing that was really strange about this issue is it had two distinct art styles. At first I thought just the Graveyard of Gods stuff had a more painted look about it, but so did the battle with most of the League. Only Batman and the Hall of Justice plotline stuck with the traditional art style all the way through, and all the other plotlines jumped back and forth weirdly. While I liked the story in this issue, the experience of reading it was pretty jarring and the painted style didn’t work for a lot of the pages done that way. Hopefully it’s just something to do with the event and won’t continue forward into the Justice League series.

Bloodborne: The Healing Thirst #7

Whatever awful fucking thing is gonna happen next draws closer as our characters attempt to figure out the relation between the beastly curse and the old blood/ ashen blood/ church/ everything. Both of our protagonists are increasingly concerned and trying to find a cure, and both are having their respective faiths tested. The sort of relationship between faith and religion and science as played across the main characters is at least a little more clever than most test-of-faith arcs, even if the characters don’t have a ton of personality beyond Scientist and Priest. The events around them are enough to keep my invested in the world, and I like the way they’re sort of being approached sideways through the eyes of the characters. Like the fact that the moon is acting strangely is super important, but the characters only mention it in passing. This method keeps a lot of the mystery, rather than having some arcane scholar character tell us everything that’s happening or some other narration giving a lot of detail. It is also impressive that the comic manages to sort of bring in the game’s method for weird indirect storytelling, definitely adds a legitimacy to the book that the early Dark Souls comics lacked. There’s been almost no action in the comic at all, and the Hunter from the first arc hasn’t been seen, so I’m curious to see what this is building to. Just exposition is fine with me for now, but I’d like to see some sort of climax eventually.

Those are my books for the week! Drowned Earth should be ending soon, and with a couple books ending the last few weeks, my list might be light for a while. I have plenty of stuff to do after the credits though, so stick around. As always we’d love to hear from you on the Discord and encourage you to check out all the Skill Floor projects.



Comic Wolf’s Post-Credit

As I mentioned, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve picked up that will work as post-credits. Gonna start at the beginning by looking at the Marvel Rising graphic novel.

Marvel Rising is a kids series of comics that tie into a TV show on Disney. It’s adorable and focuses primarily on Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel. I think I might have reviewed the free issue a while back. The whole series is expensive – there was an issue that cost $5.99; however, the graphic novel only costs $10 which is fucking absurd considering the issues cost at least twice that. Anyway, I got it! Now I’m reviewing it!

It’s adorable! The end. Just kidding.

The little mini-series tells the story of an Inhuman who discovers her power to pull objects from video games. She’s a bit of an outcast and feels bullied causing her to get slightly evil with her powers. Nothing too abnormal, although the video game angle was super fun. Ms. Marvel is in her class and Squirrel Girl is her teacher and none of them realize it at first. I can’t overstate how much fun the team of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl is. They’re both hilarious, although Squirrel Girl might be one of my new favorite characters ever so I give her a slight edge in terms of charisma and jokes (every page has a little but of text at the bottom margin that’s mostly jokes and minor 4th wall breajs). Inferno and America Chavez also both make their way onto the team, leading to even more kick-assery. As Emulator, the villain, refines her powers, things get more and more video game themed and culminating with everyone being sucked into an MMO dimension.

I love this book a lot and HIGHLY recommend it especially given the super low price point. Every page is full of jokes and cute art. I’ll check out the show eventually probably and maybe talk about it here? Who knows!

That’s it, tune in next time for more stuff that isn’t this!