Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 10/17/18

What’s up *insert clever but uncomfortable name for followers here* it’s ya boi back with the comical books. This week I purchased comic books, which I will read. I will then talk about them here, and then you will read those thoughts, and maybe you will read the comic books later if I inspire you. In case anyone was unsure of the format. Now that that’s clarified, let’s get on with it.

Justice League #10

A quick aside: as I mentioned last week, there are shiny foil covers from DC this month. The JL #10 one is very beautiful. HOWEVER. Aquaman stands at the front, with water droplets splashing up about ⅓ of the cover. The water droplets were made gold in foil, so it looks like the League are getting splashed with piss. You’re welcome.

As for the actual comic, it splits time between team members as usual. Two teams are out searching for answers about the Totality and the primal energies. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm are in the arctic looking for a lost Atlantean ship. Superman, Flash, and Adam Strange (I don’t know either) are at some sort of volcano monster that shoots smaller lava monsters out of its stomach which is the volcano. The volcano story is definitely the B-side, as this issue is part of the Aquaman and Justice League crossover event: Drowned Earth. Fun fact, this means the Aquaman comic went directly from a crossover with Suicide Squad into a crossover with Justice League. So Aquaman fans’ wallets can go fuck themselves I guess. I’m picking up another event right now (waiting on a back issue before I begin reviewing) so I’ll be sticking to JL without tie ins. If you love the Drowned Earth tie ins, let me know!

Old Man Logan #49

Hurtling toward the end, this book is coming out fast! Despite the breakneck release pace, this issue is very slow. It’s definitely just setting up for the final confrontation. Last issue Logan got fucking pummeled by Maestro and tossed in a ditch with other dead bodies. This issue begins with him waking up. That’s mostly all he achieves, with a major punctuation being  him getting his clothes back. Most of the issue is spent establishing what a dick Maestro is. It’s pretty standard villain fare, so it was pretty boring as a result. Next time is the big one though, which should be fun!

Thor #6

Right off the bat this is fucking awesome. It’s still End of Time/Allfather Thor storyline, so the book opens with Thor’s first two humans experiencing the garden of totally not Eden. These two humans, made by Thor, are Adam and Steve (!!!). The couple are attacked by Doom, who I guess is the Sorcerer Supreme, the Spirit of Vengeance, the Iron Fist, and the Starbrand at the same time. So Doom has been multiclassing pretty hard. The action in this issue is completely bonkers, since at the end of time all that’s left are the powerful forces like Thor and Phoenix. So the infinitely powerful gods throw down and it’s the sickest shit ever. This book mixes comic book superhero action with creation myth remarkably well, and I would love to see entire series dedicated to the world at the end of time. Unfortunately we seem to be headed back to current day Thor despite a hefty cliffhanger.

Gideon Falls #7

The same day that this issue came out, Gideon Falls Vol. 1 released as well. Therefore we are officially in the second arc! It doesn’t feel too much like a different arc, with both stories right where they left off. Norton and Dr. Xu (mostly Norton) believe they have to build the Black Barn from the scraps he has been collecting compulsively for years. Father Fred checks up on the sheriff who nearly died after being shot last issue. This issue sort of just reestablishes where we are, and points the story more firmly in the direction it seemed to be heading. Father Fred still has a lot of questions, the sheriff’s brother who disappeared when they were children remains a big mystery, and Norton’s story remains wrapped in uncertainty regarding his reliability. I’m really loving this series still, and I’m excited to see what ways the second arc diverts from the first!


That’s all those books or whatever. Tune in next time for other things! As always you’re encouraged to join the conversation on Discord and read all the other cool Skill Floor stuff going on.




Comic Wolf Post-Credit

Taking a break from the spooky scary theme because a graphic novel I’ve been waiting for came out this week! Aquicorn Cove by the author of Princess Princess Ever After and Tea Dragon Society, Katie O’Neal.

The story is about a little girl – Lana – and her father helping her aunt’s village recover from a bad storm. All of them are grieving the loss of Lana’s mother, who recently passed away. All in all it’s a tale of conservation and perseverance, how our actions affect the natural world and then that affects us in turn. Lana finds a baby Aquicorn, a little unicorn seahorse that is injured and nurses it back to health. As it heals her Aunt Mae tells her more and more about the mystical world beneath the sea. It’s really really cute and heartwarming despite dealing with a lot of heavy themes like grief, the loss of a family member, recovery after a natural disaster, the consequences of human action on nature, and the way we can sometimes be blind to the damage we do. Like all of Katie O’Neal’s works, Aquicorn Cove is an absolutely beautiful artistic experience. Every page is full of color and story and personality. I truly can’t recommend any of these books highly enough, but for now I strongly suggest picking up Aquicorn Cove while it’s new and fresh to get in on the excitement! Her next book is already announced to be Tea Dragon Festival, a follow up to the first, so I can’t wait at all.