Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Weeks of 8/29/18 // 9/5/18 // 9/12/18

Check out Comic Wolf’s first triple feature! Due to a combination of technical and real life factors, I’ve fallen a bit behind. But that ends now! Buckle in for all the fucking books! It’s also Annual season, so I’ll even have some books doubled up. Off we go then.

Detective Comics #988

Remember when I said I wanted limited mention of the Bat/Cat breakup in Detective Comics? I got my wish! Batman involves himself in what appears to be a simple murder to get his mind off things. There are a few references to the breakup and his changed behavior, but it’s very reasonably done and not the focus of the story. Once he gets deeper into the case however, his gut says this is more than a simple murder. After discovering a secret room in the victim’s apartment the building is attacked by Firefly and his apprentice who is also Firefly but female. It’s a setup for a slightly different arc, and seems intended to put the “detective” back into Detective Comics. I’m all for a slightly Batman focused story based around actual crime investigation, it’s a welcome change even if I have been really enjoying the more philosophical story work being done recently. Very interested in the story unfolding!

Justice League #7

The “Totality” arc concludes in spectacular fashion, as the League battles the Legion. Luthor and Hawkgirl clash right beside the Totality, John Stewart and Sinestro duke it out Lantern style, Superman punches a planet, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman work together to defend Flash as he accesses the Still Force. It’s pretty rad, pulling pieces from all over the DCU to weave it’s moments.. I’m sure there’s material I’m missing, it’s still fairly confusing. But it’s really cool and cosmic! Plus, with Snyder as writer, there’s some stuff from Dark Nights Metal coming around that I want to see play out. I don’t know why I find the cosmic level stuff so much more interesting in DC, but I really want to know more about these primal forces and the weird evil planet dimension that almost swallowed Earth. It’s all fucking weird as shit! But I dig it! Bring it on! More issues! Due to the delays in my reading/writing I won’t have to wait long either.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2

As expected, this one focuses on Red Hood and Arsenal’s relationship. They were ⅔ of the original Outlaws team, with Starfire as the third. Then she left, and the book transformed into Red Hood and Arsenal, then back to Red Hood and the Outlaws with Bizarro and Artemis. I’ve sorta gone over that before, but it’s important since Jason and Roy have a lot of history together. The issue is pretty light, but seeing them interact is cute. They’ve got really good chemistry and there were several really funny moments. The art style was a little weird, but fine. It kinda bridges issue 25 with the new direction #26 seems to be bringing. There’s also a little nod to the upcoming series Heroes in Crisis which I’m pretty curious about. Also, after the main comic ended there’s a little glimpse at where Artemis and Bizarro ended up after going through some portal in #25 during the crash of their invisible base. I’m a bit lost, and so are they apparently. Sure that’ll pay off in the upcoming arc, so stay tuned (for the next entry in this review)!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #26

While the book is still the same, this particular issue has words crossed off on the cover to change it to Red Hood, Outlaw. So we’ve got a Jason-centered issue to kick off his new design. Despite the new look, we’re back to Red Hood’s classic “kill criminals” plan. Whatever softness he had working with Bizarro and Artemis and occasionally the BatFam is gone. It’s a brutal action-packed issue which is really fun in some ways. I don’t want to see him turn into a boring gritty anti-hero, but having him move slightly away from the Batman mentality again is pretty cool. The story follows the drug syndicate that he and Arsenal tangled with in the Annual, and it appears that’s going to be what Jason investigates for the time being. This one had no snippet of Artemis and Bizarro, so they may be even more out of the picture for the moment. The writing is still a little shaky; Lobdell has been on this book since New 52 and has been bad for a lot of it, but I’m hoping this is a fresh start. Guess we’ll see!

Cosmic Ghost Rider #3

This shit is wacky. The whole issue is a fight. The Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Cable, come from the future where Frank raises Thanos. They claim that his plan to keep Thanos from turning evil fails, so they’re gonna kill the baby. The team is fucking cool, with Juggerduck (Howard the Duck + Juggernaut), Captain Marvel (Kamala Khan but with Captain America’s shield), Iron Groot (Rocket Raccoon in a mech suit made out of Groot), and Jubilee for some reason. They get fucking wrecked instantly, so Cable repeatedly goes back to his time, trains, recruits more heroes, and comes back. Over and over. Everyone fucking dies. It’s metal as fuck. Alternate universe stories are fun because they can murder the entire Avengers and X-Men and a hundred other heroes in one panel for funsies. Every page is a goddamn joy. It’s funny and actiony at the same time, nailing the spirit that has been missing from Deadpool. But that’s beside the point. The point is COOL FIGHTS. Issue 3 of 5, I’m fucking ready for more.

Old Man Logan Annual #1

The first in an Old Man Logan double header, and his first Annual! It’s a story back in the Wasteland in Logan’s actual world. Since he killed the Hulks (in the original series), a Punisher gang is terrorizing the area and he agrees to put a stop to it. It’s a cool little story in the same world, and pulls a few important themes from the original work. It’s just a one-shot and doesn’t do much, although it may be setting up for another spin off series like Old Man Hawkeye which I don’t really want. There’s a danger of that world getting overdone. But we’ll see. The Logan/Punisher team up in this book was pretty cool so I’ll give it a pass for now.

Old Man Logan #47

Back in the main series, Logan is dealing with the weird alien parasite thing that ate a town. Logan and the rest of Alpha Flight have to figure out a way to stop it from fucking shit up any further. It’s basically just an X-Men book but with weirder characters, following all the story beats you’d expect. Sorta a weak entry for issue 47 out of 50, but apparently him meeting up with Puck in Alpha Flight is important to setting up the next arc so I guess thats a thing. Seems Logan has a final score to settle in the last few issues, then whatever happens in Dead Man Logan for a year after.

Crowded #2

Back in the weird fucking world of Crowded. Vita continues to attempt to keep Charlie alive. Charlie continues making that job harder than it needs to be. Their dynamic stays super fun, just the right balance of who is being funny/sarcastic or leading the conversation. We get to see a little bit more of both of their lives as well, fleshing out how both of them got to this point. There are a few bits of straight up exposition, but they’re introduced super well so they don’t feel forced. One particularly hilarious bit comes when they hire hackers to get names, and the hackers find the need to explain how Reapr and crowdfunded assassinations came to be. Charlie says she knows multiple times but they keep going, and she makes a comment about how they’re “mansplaining how she’s going to die”. It gets the history of the world out there a bit and gets a few laughs out of it too. I really dig this book so so much. The art is so gorgeous, and the concept is so bizarre. Once again a weird indie book will be high on the list of things I look forward to. Your move DC/Marvel.

Isola #5


Ok, that’s out of the way. The queen is injured and losing blood, but appears to be back in human form for the moment. Rook pleads desperately with the strange people who had taken them in, but they turn on her and force both Rook and Queen Olwyn to leave despite a hemorrhaging Olwyn. It’s a really intense issue that raises a lot more questions. Light on the spoilers, but the queen has another weird vision in her semi-conscious state but this time is able to speak about it and just mutters riddles. I’m sure they’ll end up being important later because this is a fantasy book and that’s how weird riddles and prophecies work I guess. Seeing Olwyn and Rook interact with the queen being human is super nice, I love the two of them and want things to go better for them. I’m sure there’s more trouble in their future though, in GODDAMN JANUARY. On the bright side, any of you not reading now have several months to catch up and jump on when it returns!


That’s it y’all, long winded as can be. Make sure to engage with us however you want, we’re friendly and love to talk especially on the Skill Floor Discord. I would really appreciate recommendations given my current lack of books to read. Lots of stuff coming up I hope, so stay tuned in the coming weeks!




Comic Wolf’s Post-Credit

Welcome back after the cut! Got a graphic novel to talk about this week. I really really love the book Tea Dragon Society which I have mentioned before. There’s a new book coming out from the writer/artist soon, so to get hype I decided to read her first published book!

Princess Princess Ever After

I’ve been excited to read this book for a while and it didn’t let me down a bit! Princess Sadie is locked in a tower, and is rescued not by a prince but by another princess named Amira. Sadie is haunted by the person who locked her in the tower, so the two set off on a quest to be heroes and to try and make Sadie’s life better. They meet a prince that joins, and there is adventuring to happen. It’s super super super cute!!!! It’s a kids book, so there isn’t a lot to it, but it’s enough. The art is absolutely adorable, and fits the book perfectly. It’s just a sweet little fairy tale, with two princesses and a quest and some magic and a happily ever after. I really like reading something fun and sweet from time to time, comics can be a bit self-serious and stuff that’s just fun is refreshing. Expect a review of Katie O’Neill’s next book, Aquicorn Cove, literally as soon as I can get my hands on it. I may also take a stab at reviewing the card game being made of Tea Dragon Society whenever that finally releases. Keep an eye out!

And with that, we’re done for the week. See y’all soon!