Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 8/8/18

I swear, I’m pulling more books every week but I keep ending up with huge lulls. Maybe I’ll go through Previews to add more stuff soon, especially given some pretty major upcoming changes to my pull list (check after the cut for more info on that). Anyway, this week is light again. Only two books, plus one I picked up on a whim. Let’s jump in!

Detective Comics #986

This sorta found a middle ground between two of the resolutions I expected, with both things I liked and disliked. The theme of this arc has revolved around whether other people make Batman weaker or not, so having Black Lightning be an essential part of the resolution makes sense. I like the role that Black Lightning and the other Bat-fam members play, since it drives home their importance (cough cough fuck you Tom King cough) However, Karma is a (new) villain of Batman’s own making and it’s pretty fucked up what Batman did to him. Having others help is great, but thematically I also want to see Batman deal with what he did. The arc isn’t over, but Batman isn’t really having to deal with the consequences of turning this guy into a zealot. As much as I feel like we don’t need to see him kicked while he’s down (not sure where Detective Comics fits into the timeline of Catwoman leaving him), he fucked up and there has to be some growth or learning. Next issue should be the final confrontation, so there’s still room to resolve things thematically as well as wrapping up the story.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #25

This is not one I normally read.

Red Hood is one of my favorite characters, but I fell off Red Hood and the Outlaws because it had consistently bad writing. The book changed into Red Hood and Arsenal, but seemed to have similar problems. Most recently the title shifted  back to Red Hood and the Outlaws for Rebirth but with a weird team that made me not care as much. Long story short, the creative team is shifting and the character is getting a really really cool redesign next issue. This issue is #25, which is treated as the 2 year anniversary issue and is always extra-size. Seemed like a good enough jumping on point and we had an extra in the store so here we are.

Gonna be honest, this has gotten pretty far from where I left it. The team is Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro but it might be some sort of different Bizarro?


Anyway they have an invisible base that’s about to fall from the sky, and Batman is mad at Jason (Red Hood) for killing the Penguin in cold blood. So that’s a bunch of stuff all at once to deal with. The art and writing seem to have steadied into a pretty solid state as well. The issue marks a big shift, as the next will be an Annual that sets up an altered team and the redesigned Red Hood in #26. I’m excited to actually have interest in this book again, so we’ll give it a few issues and see where that lands us.

Old Man Logan #45

Logan just keeps on kicking with no signs of stopping despite the book coming up on two years. The Bullseye arc ends (again) with an action packed issue that pretty much just sprints from fight sequence to chase scene to fight sequence. It’s fun, if not hugely satisfying. For having multiple Bullseye stories so close together, they don’t do a whole lot with it. I like him alright as Daredevil’s nemesis, but he feels shoehorned in here. I also didn’t read whatever weird miniseries set up Logan’s team up character, so this whole thing didn’t do much for me. Judging by the cover of the next issue though an artist I like might be coming back onto the book so that’s something. Curious how long the book can spin its wheels while main universe Logan comes back, but I guess we’ll see. Solicits seem to indicate at issue 50 he’s gonna bite it, but it’s nothing certain yet.

That’s it for another light week. Something something Discord something something next time!




Comic Wolf’s Post-Credit

As I mentioned above, some of the books I read are going through a bit of a format change. Both Motor Crush and Moonstruck have talked about switching to just publishing full trade paperbacks at a time. This is an interesting idea, and one I’m not sure how I feel about. On the one hand, writing for complete stories lets them spread out the tension a little differently since there won’t be cliffhangers issue to issue. Getting to read a full story arc all at once also sounds rad, much like the Steven Bomb format that Steven Universe has used in the past. On the other hand, it could mean a pretty long time between books. If it follows the general timetable of one issue per month, five/six issues per trade, that means only getting new stuff once every five or six months. Additionally, any delays will be a lot rougher if it pushes back an already spread out release. I’ve been reading Seven to Eternity in trade form only, and it feels like it has been a million years and only like one issue has come out since Vol. 2.

Additionally, I’m not sure how I’ll review those books. Depending on how many things I’m pulling, adding a full OGN on top of my normal load may be a bit excessive. I can always push them into the after-credit, but I’m not sure I love that solution either. Reviewing them week to week by splitting them into “issues” also seems a little clunky since it’ll only be relevant the first week really. I’ll probably play around with the idea for a while, who knows when the first one of those will come out. I look forward to both quite a lot, and hope some other series (Heavy Vinyl, Dodge City, etc) will take up this format if it proves to be better for sales on smaller/weirder books. We’ll see!

Short easy post-credit to go with the short easy week. Catch y’all starside.