Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 8/1/18

Howdy folks, here we are again with the comics and stuff. It’s a super light week with only a couple books, but that forces me to pick one of the trades in my backlog to talk about after the credits roll. Let’s dive in!

Justice League #5

This issue focuses almost entirely on Lex Luthor, and his confusing plan to unleash seven primal forces of the universe using the Legion of Doom and a magic doorknob of Doom. The series is floating in this weird limbo of being really fun and really confusing. It’s pretty clear I missed some major stuff in No Justice so I may need to carve out time for that soon. The writing is really rad and keeping me super invested even when I’m not 100% sure what’s going on. I especially like getting a whole Luthor issue going into some of the background of this plan and how he recruited some of the other villains for the Legion of Doom. It’s also cool seeing them layer all of this old weird stuff on top of an otherwise contemporary plot. For example, they’re using the classic Legion of Doom underwater fortress aesthetic, but now it’s in a lake of lava and made out of special stone mined by an immortal that makes it difficult to see. It’s a fun update while still keeping the classic aesthetic in place. I also really like the team for Legion of Doom emulating the classic lineup from the show but with the scarier comic versions of the characters. The Joker is particularly dangerous, and Grodd is really intense too. I suspect the Justice League team will strike a similar balance, but we need a bit more focus on them together before I can say… for sure. This issue claims to be the start of a new arc, but it seems like since the series is new it’s just one continuous story, so the arc doesn’t have a ton of meaning. Being biweekly gives it the ability to move quickly which I appreciate for this book since it’s so fucking odd. Excited to keep up with it for a while.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #2

Speaking of off, Cosmic Ghost Rider! I’m so fucking happy I decided to jump on this wild dumbass ride. It’s the most fun over-the-top thing. Having kidnapped baby Thanos and not been able to kill him, Frank decides the next best option is to try and rehabilitate him to not want to murder the whole universe. For some reason he thinks asking Galactus for advice is a good idea. It’s truly fucking hilarious. There were several scenes that made me actually laugh, and the fact that there are a bunch of space sharks is also deeply cool. They’re got a really good grasp on how much absurdity they can pack into this story. There’s not too much to say, other than Cosmic Ghost Rider is fun and weird and a good use of your time if you have the opportunity to read it.


That’s it for this very light week! I enjoyed both books a lot even if it was quick to get through ‘em. As always check the Discord and other TSF places for cool stuff!



Comic Wolf’s Post-Credit

As mentioned, I have a serious backlog of trade paperbacks that I have been not reading because I’m a fuckup. So light weeks such as this one are perfect for knocking one of those out. This week, a super cute looking series I’ve had on my shelf for too long!

Scales & Scoundrels Vol. 1

As expected, the art for this book is lovely, colorful, and full of life. Having a brighter more fun fantasy type story is usually my preference, so I quite like this one. The story follows Lu, a rogueish treasure hunter with a secret and a desire to adventure. After a few mishaps she ends up with the adventuring party of a prince on a journey to prove himself by delving into a legendary treasure dungeon called The Dragon’s Maw. He’s accompanied by his bodyguard,  ,a dwarven guide, and now Lu. It’s pretty standard sword and sorcery fair, with all the charm and adventure you could hope for. So far it hasn’t brought too much outside the norm to the table, other than the cute artstyle and having non-white humans in a fantasy universe. It’s entertaining and has enough mysteries to unravel that I’m definitely excited to follow up with the next volume. I’m somewhat spoiled by fantasy books recently, so while I prefer Isola and Coda and Seven to Eternity, I do still love this one.


That’s all I’ve got for that! Catch y’all in a week with more comics and rambling from yours truly.