Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 7/11/18+

Hey y’all, as you may have noticed I didn’t publish last week. After making a joke about getting too many books, I only had one book last week. Therefore I decided to roll Justice League #3 into this week’s review and take the week off. Here we go for this installment!

Detective Comics #984

The line of cool introspective comics continues as Karma pushes the BatFam apart by targeting all of them separately. He has the power to read minds and uses it to great advantage, both determining Bruce’s identity and easily countering his surprise and strategy based fighting style. He appears to have some other tricks hidden in his magic or whatever helmet as well. It seems unfair to be putting Bruce through this much bullshit given what happened in his main book, but I’m curious to see how it plays out. Putting another rift in the family feels a bit like piling on. It’s also unclear how much this lines up with the main book, I have no fucking idea how that works. Regardless, Karma seems like a pretty rad villain and I want to see his motivations and see more about who he is and where the powerful helmet came from. There’s some dialogue from Bruce I really like toward the end, and I really like Black Lightning’s role in the story. Detective Comics is really fucking strong and I really hope it doesn’t get messed up by the big developments from Batman. Regardless, I’ll be sticking with it as we’re just under a year from DC #1000!

Justice League #3

This book is getting into some super weird crazy shit. I guess I should probably read No Justice because the moon is gone and there’s a Still Force and more stuff about the Source Wall and what the fuck? Without an understanding of all that, the story is still fucking sick. There’s some sort of evil force that’s the opposite of the emotion/light spectrum that powers all the Lanterns. It’s some sort of unseen light force thing. Regardless, it’s super weird and out there and the League and Legion of Doom are both involved in it. I definitely need to read more of this book to try and get an understanding of it, because it’s pretty wild. I may end up discussing No Justice in a future after-credit as well if I get around to it.

Old Man Logan #43

I was annoyed to be jumping right back to a Bullseye storyline given how much I didn’t love the last one, but this is actually pretty interesting. Bullseye has gone completely off the fucking deep end and it’s up to Logan to get involved. The artist has obviously changed starting with this issue and the new style looks fucking sick. It’s got a dark gritty look that wouldn’t work in all cases but for Old Man Logan fits right in, lending  sort of a more realistic Sin City vibe to the book. Anyway, this story seems like it’s gonna be intense, especially since Bullseye is an unhinged assassin and the hints at Logan’s days being numbered are becoming more frequent. Not sure how long this book has left to it, but it appears to be on the right track to go out with a decent bang. (Side note: On this cover Bullseye looks like Steve Buscemi and I don’t know who should be more offended at the comparison)

Coda #3

Welp this took a fucking turn. This issue is crazy siege action, over the top septacorn murder parties, bright colors, and ultraviolence all over the place. It’s a fucking amazing issue and completely changes the story with some major reveals. I really don’t want to dig too much into this, but Getch and I are experimenting with a spoiler-enabled podcast format and this issue may be worth diving into on that so stay tuned!

Isola #4

Isola #4 moves at a breakneck pace, cramming a ton of flashback and emotional exposition into a magical dream sequence of Rook’s. Some stuff is definitely revealed but even more questions crop up in the process. This story is probably one of my favorites, as I’ve mentioned and this issue pushes it even further into my good graces. I can’t fucking believe how fast I tore through the issue wanting to know everything on every page as quickly as humanly possible. The flashback packs the most exposition in, but in actuality is only half the issue. Rather than feeling like the flashback is rushed, it just makes the issue feel meaty since it fits in both exposition in the past/dream and also drives the story forward. The other half has an action sequence with big consequences spinning out, and it looks like next issue is gonna start with some serious shit. Can’t fucking wait!


That’s it for this week! As I mentioned above, we’re experimenting with a podcast that deals with comics as well as other stuff, so rather than write up a post-credit I’m going to brainstorm some ideas on that and harass Getch to publish some of what we’ve already recorded. Make sure to check that shit out when it manifests! It’s fun if nothing else. Til next time.