Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/27/18

No rest for me, another week of camic bocks. There’s agood balance of stuff, although this time I find myself far more excited by Marvel’s offerings than DC’s. Let’s see if I end up enjoying them more!

Detective Comics #983

After the brief one-shot last time, we’re back launching into a full arc. Some villain calling himself Batman’s Karma is targeting the members of the Bat-Family, claiming they weaken Batman and that he has become a brand more than a symbol. I’m really liking the stuff this creative team is tackling honestly. Batman’s usual fights with villains are pretty well contained in the main Batman book and spin-offs like Deathstroke vs Batman or the Prelude to the Wedding one-shots, and this seems to be tackling big picture questions about Batman’s place in the universe. Obviously any huge changes will probably be reserved for the main book, but Detective Comics has taken off in a cool and contemplative direction. This arc is also guest starring Black Lightning which is rad because I don’t know shit about him and I like getting small introductions to characters that I don’t normally read. I really loved the Batman and ______ series in the New 52 after Robin died and there was a different character every issue. Anyway, this looks like another opportunity to see the Bat fam tested in a new way, so I’m into it.

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #6

Weirdly, the first arc of this series is over! Which is odd since it’s a 12 issue limited series, so that means they’re running two story lines over 6 issues each. Not all that unusual in terms of length of an arc, but usually limited series are a little more continuous. Obviously the events of the first arc affect the second, just surprised me to have a climax and some resolution in a halfway book. Regardless, it’s pretty awesome. The battle with Trigon reaches its peak and the involvement of the weird faceless girls is wrapped up entirely. The weird house out of time and the wizard + big cat meddling in Raven’s life appear to be the important bridging factor for the next storyline. I’m curious what will happen going forward, but I like getting a year long run of Raven so no complaints here.

Old Man Logan #42

The Kraven hunting Logan story did not last long at all, unfortunately. After one issue of all setup, the second issue quickly wrapped things up. It’s a little disappointing. This issue didn’t really do much, just a couple action sequences and some foreshadowing. It’s very plausible Logan is going to die soon, since proper Wolverine is returning fully in a couple months. An end to Old Man Logan hasn’t been announced yet, but we currently have 6 versions of Wolverine running around and that shit is excessive. The next story arc is teasing more of Bullseye, and since I didn’t like the previous Bullseye arc very much I’m not thrilled. We’ll see where it goes.

Thor #2

This series remains deeply embroiled in Norse myth without another Marvel hero in sight. I love it. The War of the Realms remains the focus and it’s completely over the top at this point with no signs of slowing down. As you might be able to tell by the cover, Thor & Co are rolling around Hel in a monster truck covered in bones, so that’s sick. Also, Thor’s variety of hammers makes for some interesting combat moments. Due to being in Hel with the dead, there are a lot of old lost characters coming back around which is pretty rad. They’re pretty much all mythological figures, with a few others kicking around but they’re all pretty centralized to Thor storylines. For a war based around Malekith though, it’s been some time since he has showed up in any meaningful way. I’m sure he’s been up to something and I have no doubt we’ll find out what it is soon. This series remains a lot of fun, although I won’t ever let go of being mad about Jane. Ah well.

Dodge City #4

As usual with Boom! books, after 4 issues the series is paused. This told a super cute and pretty complete story of dodgeball drama on and off the courts! It’s way colorful and adorable and fun. Plus, focusing on a sports team that’s really bad at the game but still has fun is nice. Not every underdog story has to be serious and inspirational. This one is wholesome and realistic, with the characters being more focused on life than playing a game. The series paying more attention to the games helps the action focus in, and a lot of the inter-character stuff continues to really factor in during dodgeball games. Fitting a complete season into 4 issues was impressive, although the way they did it is not particularly surprising. Much like Heavy Vinyl, I adore the characters and want to see more of their lives. It’s certainly not my favorite Boom! title I’ve gotten into, but I’ll never complain about a colorful adventure with a diverse cast and lots of heart. Hope these cuties are back on the court soon!


That’s it for this week! Detective Comics and Raven both surprised me while Old Man Logan let me down, so DC wins in the Big Two with indie books always reigning supreme. Thanks for coming out, and please feel free to chat us up on the Skill Floor Discord. We don’t bite!



Comic Wolf’s Post Credit

Hey y’all, as some of you may have noticed the New York Times posted a major major comic spoiler in advance of this week. I definitely have some feelings about it, but think it’s better to wait until next round after the affected comic is released. To that end, time to talk a bit about Metal.

I recently read through all of Dark Nights Metal thanks to the release of the collected editions. It’s quite a few issues, so I just want to note a couple thoughts on it. For one, I really like that it digs into some old lore, pre New 52 stuff that hasn’t come up in a long time. The time Batman died back in Final Crisis features heavily in the story, which is about a squad of evil Batmen from a Dark Multiverse in service of the demon Barbatos. It’s a pretty rad concept even if the execution is a bit of a mixed bag. The main story is just really fucking weird, with needlessly complicated twists and turns and drags on a bit. The one shots for each of the Dark Multiverse Bats were absolutely amazing and I wish we got to see more of those doomed worlds. Each Batman was a twisted version of a member of the Justice League, and they were all really cool concepts. My favorite part was probably the “Gotham Resistance” tie in story, which crossed over books like Teen Titans and Suicide Squad and Green Arrow. It basically read like an insane fucking DnD campaign, which was amazing. I really wish it went on longer and took more of a focus. It’s a shame the main story was a bit messy, since everything in DC now appears to be spinning off it so it’s very central. Still it was a fun read and worth checking out if only for how absolutely wacky it all is.


Thats it for this week, stay tuned for yelling in the future!