Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 6/20/18

Welcome back fellow nerds to another exciting round of comical books! It’s a light week this week, which is good because I have a lot going on with work stuff. The good news though is that despite being a slightly light week, it’s packed with some of my favorites (to be fair I did prune a lot of stuff off my list so it’s mostly favorites and things may be light for a while). Anyway, let’s jump in!

The Brave and the Bold #5

The penultimate issue of the Brave and the Bold miniseries! The mystery all comes together, setting up an action packed final issue. I have to say, I had a lot of fun guessing along with Diana and Bruce. It wasn’t quite formatted for you to try and draw your own conclusions along the way, but it did give you pieces slowly to try and guess. I did not get the right trail at all, I had no clue how this would turn out, but it’s still very satisfying. Dipping even further into Celtic myth is fine by me as well, with Balor of the Evil Eye solidifying as a villain and a massive battle beginning to take shape. More and more this series reminds me of Hellboy. Shame to see it end. Overall I still love this series and this issue was strong. Art remains excellent, although on some pages the font seemed weirdly too big and almost blurry. I need to investigate if it’s a print error in my copy or just weird formatting. Regardless, when the trade for this comes out down the line I strongly recommend grabbing it if you have an interest in mythological based superhero comics.

Justice League #2

The new bi-weekly series from DC gets even weirder with its second issue. In the wake of No Justice, the Legion of Doom is seeking some sort of magical primal forces. Meanwhile, a power called The Totality landed in the desert and is giving off a signal. It made a forcefield around itself that looks like a head. Killer Croc went inside and came out a giant crazy super powered dinosaur. So things are complicated right now. Batman tries to recruit John Stewart back to the Justice League, but the Green Lantern has problems of his own. This book is reeling me in with a whole lot of weird crazy stuff. I absolutely love that they’re running the lineup from the show I grew up with. I love the Legion of Doom still having weird members like Cheetah in the spotlight. It manages to have the fun energy of the show while still being a focused and more mature comic that actually moves the continuity of DC forward. I’m thrilled with this, and a little tempted to pick up the other League books when they come out. Three books at once feels a bit excessive though. We’ll see in coming weeks if I’m a weak piece of shit that buys even more comics!

Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #2

This comic remains awesome, I am so glad to finally have a good Dark Souls comic. We see important events from the Age of Fire, long before the events of the game(s?). Gwyn is still king, and seeks help from the Four Kings of New Londo against stirrings of trouble in Izalith. The Silver Knights march on Izalith, and Seath remains in the Duke’s Archives experimenting. Most of the stuff that’s going on we had decently formed knowledge of thanks to digging in the lore and flavor text, etc. However, getting an official adaptation of this time period is really rad. The dialogue is still a little clunky with the forced old English, but it does match up fairly well with the writing in the game so it’s not super jarring. The look is awesome, just oozing with the charm of Souls stuff. There’s plenty of time for the comic to become awful but at least for now it seems like this might finally be the comic we deserve.

Gideon Falls #4

Oh boy it’s my favorite comic that brings back repressed feelings about HBO’s The Leftovers (Season 1, never did get around to that second one). Our first character, the priest, seeks out a member of a secret society related to fighting the Black Barn, which the previous priest was a member of. Meanwhile our other character, Norton, has to help his therapist who has now been targeted by the Barn. It’s really weird spooky stuff, and I can’t speak too much on it. What I will say is every issue leaves me with more questions, a sense of unease, and some cliffhanger that makes waiting for the next issue a challenge. It’s really something. I urge you, if you like horror books don’t give this one a pass.

That’s it! Thanks for coming out. Stuff will keep coming out and I’ll keep writing about it right here, so stay with me. As always, I’d love to talk comics/games/whatever on the Skill Floor Discord. Also feel free to shoot some ideas of a comic discussion podcast you’d like to see, as that’s something I really want to get running with Getch some day.




Comic Wolf Post-Credit

Gonna keep it short and sweet, just like the book I picked for this week. My store has put together a collection of LGBTQ+ themed comics for Pride month, and are offering a discount on them on our web store. Which isn’t important, but did lead us to stock a bunch more niche stuff which is of course my favorite.

Long story short, I picked up a little tiny pocket sized book called A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns because it seemed lovely. It is! It’s a cute and accessible way of explaining the idea of gender neutral pronouns and inclusive language to people who may have no idea what any of that is. Which is why the book is small and inexpensive, to make it portable and easy to share! It’s obviously very light, and encourages the reader to dig more into reading other things and doing some research. However, it’s really nice to see something like this being published and carried at comics stores and book stores. People near and dear to me identify in all sorts of different ways and having this information more widely accessible puts less of the burden of explanation on the people who already have to do it constantly. I recommend a lot of stuff to read but if you only ever read one thing I talk about, choose this. Read it, remember it, actualize the advice. Make the world safer and more inclusive for everybody, not just people like you. Now go buy this cute and informative book!!!!!