Trash or Treasure – Volume 22

The Overnight

Hello all and welcome back to Trash or Treasure. This week I scoured through Netflix looking for something exciting and instead found 2015’s The Overnight. Starring Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling, and Adam Scott (two weeks in a row baby!), the film is about a couple that is new to LA and looking to make friends, but instead get themselves into wild sexcapades (real word, look it up). I suppose I’m now four weeks in a row for raunchy comedies (yes, Sharknado, even you too you piece of shit), so why should this be any different than those?

The movie opens with the sounds of Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling’s characters having awkward sex, failing, and then just masturbating. It’s strange and honestly pretty refreshing way for a movie to start. It sure as hell is better than opening narration, that’s for sure. We learn that Alex (Scott) and Emily (Schilling) have just moved to Los Angeles and are looking to meet new friends with their young son. So far, so good movie summary.


Wait, shit, wrong movie.

Alex and Emily take their son to a playground so they can meet people, and Jason Schwartzman’s Kurt introduces himself by dissing gummy worms. How dare he. They discuss trivial adult things like oyster bars and schools, and the new-to-the-neighborhood couple are invited to Kurt and his family’s pizza night. The movie fast-forwards to the night where they show up at a giant ass mansion in the middle of LA for the pizza party. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more jealous of every character in a movie this early before.

Where the fuck is my pizza party?

The rich people continue to discuss rich people things like filtered water and schools again. The movie so far is a whole dick measuring contest at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if they literally did it at one point. Alex and Emily’s child (who has a name I guess) decides he’s sleepy and Kurt and Charlotte (his wife) discuss having him sleep upstairs until the adults feel like leaving. Kurt serenades the children (and adults) with a soft keyboard song and then the adults move themselves back on down to the living room. This movie’s only 78 minutes long, I’m sure the sexcapades start soon.

I mean that’s what the readers pay for right?

The adults banter and banter and banter and we learn that Charlotte is a small time actress who acted in a breast pump instructional video. It’s a super awkward moment, which is something that the movie has been doing pretty well. The movie capitalizes on this as Kurt brings out the bong and things start to get the kind of crazy that was advertised. Kurt even takes Alex to show him his art refuge, filled with paintings of buttholes.

Yeah I’m not kidding.

They finish up the house tours, the heart to hearts, and the butthole paintings as the sexual tension continues to build. As I said before, this movie knows how to make things awkward (i.e. butthole paintings). They decide to take a dip in Kurt and Charlotte’s pool, which Kurt and Charlotte take to the next level by skinny dipping. If you thought that there wasn’t gonna be any penis in this movie, you will be sorely mistaken. The sorely mistaken moments continue as Alex and Emily discuss the size of Alex’s penis compared to Kurt’s.

I told you there’d be a dick measuring contest.

One short, dong-filled pool montage later (and vagina, we don’t discriminate), Alex vomits and they decide to take a break in the hot tub and discuss Alex’s tiny penis. This discussion culminates with Kurt giving Alex a pep talk and Alex stripping off his boxers and showing off his gentleman’s sausage. If there’s one thing I didn’t expect, it’s how much penis is in this movie. Emily begins to feel uncomfortable about the whole situation though, and confronts Alex about leaving.

She’s not the only uncomfortable one.

Emily, reasonably, begins to get a “swinger vibe” about everything, but Alex refuses to leave and the two argue. The two part ways on uneasy terms as Emily leaves with Charlotte to go on a booze run and Alex stays with Kurt to chat. Unfortunately for Emily, Charlotte has tricked her and instead of going for liquor, they go to a bizarre massage parlor/sex house, and Emily ends up locked in an all orange room where she watches Charlotte massage a guy with the full happy ending.

You know what kind of happy ending I mean.

Emily and Charlotte return to the house and Alex and Emily continue their spat. Typically in a movie argument the two sides at least have some legs to stand on, but in the case of this movie Alex is just flat out wrong and being a super dick to Emily (though not literally, because of his tiny penis). Their argument is broken up as their child awakens in the middle of the night and Alex goes to check on him. He gets cut off by Charlotte who corners him in her bedroom for a quick “talk”. At the same time Kurt and Emily talk as Emily goes into full skeptic mode and attempts to find some answers.

Pictured: not answers.

This is the peak of the tension in this movie, and honestly I’ve been trying to figure out if Alex will end up with Kurt or Charlotte before the end of this movie. At first I thought Kurt, but now his talk with Charlotte makes me think Charlotte. We also learn that Kurt and Charlotte’s vast amounts of money come from them selling the breast pump instructional video to horny and lonely Nordic men. I’m not really sure how it works out monetarily, but to each their own I suppose. My questions are all broken when Emily and Kurt walk in on Charlotte giving Alex a massage.

Not the happy ending kind though.

Alex finally comes to his senses about things being weird, but Emily and Alex continue to fight about infidelity. Some accusations get thrown around, their fight spills over to Kurt and Charlotte, and Alex continues to freak out. The final plot twist comes about as Charlotte blurts out that Kurt wants to have sex with Alex as a solution for Kurt and Charlotte’s marital problems. This strange movie of sexcapades takes a serious turn to clear things up, and honestly, it works. Everything is cleared up and they take some more bong rips and part ways at 6 AM with a group hug. A group hug that turns into the four of them having sex together.

Which their children thankfully interrupt before climax.

As this film ends with them reuniting as friends, I’m left to contemplate what I’ve just watched. On the one hand, the film wasn’t that bad. It was easily the best film at portraying awkward, and all of the actors were really good. On the other hand, it was just strange. Especially the ending. I’m not sure how forgivable the bizarre ending with the four adults having group sex is, but it was a better movie than others I’ve watched. So I’ll leave you the reader to decide, because I’m leaving it on the fence.

But I’m taking my underwear with me.