Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 5/9/18

Hey everyone, jumping right back to your regularly scheduled nonsense now that the FCBD special has passed. It’s a pretty light week, but also a balanced one with one (1) entry each in the categories DC, Marvel, and Indie. I’ll enjoy the easy week of writing, Getch will enjoy the easy week of editing, and y’all can enjoy not having me rattle on quite as long as usual. Off we go!

Detective Comics #980

“Batmen Eternal” prepares to transition over to “Rise of the Batmen” with this issue which escalates the conflict with The General, Brother Eye, and the newly brain warped Tim (Red Robin). Batman, Spoiler, and Orphan attempt to get in and control the nanites (O.M.A.C.) that have possessed many of the Colony soldiers plus Azrael and Batwing. There’s a lot going on here, obviously.

The conflict remains interesting and rooted in moral questions. For better or worse this is the idea of the Bat-family expanded to its most extreme. What does that mean for what they stand for? There’s no easy answer, and even though I’m sure the comic will end up wrapping neatly, it’s still important to bring up these questions. Cass (Orphan) and Stephanie (Spoiler) get to shine a bit which I appreciated since I’m not too familiar with them yet and need more of them in the spotlight. My major complaint is tied to them though; this book switches artists every issue or two, and the guy in charge of pencils on this one can only draw one female body. Everyone is absurdly curvy in the same skintight suit even though their shapes and costumes have (slightly) more distinction than that. It’s not a huge deal but was actively distracting in a few panels. We’re still headed toward something big, and no matter the outcome it should be pretty neat.

Old Man Logan #39

Well this is weird. Logan goes back to the X-Mansion to see the doc, hoping to get some answers about his diminishing healing factor. He runs into a group of kids there that he’s familiar with from some other X Book because they’ve literally never shown up in Old Man Logan. One of them, a mutant called Glob who has pink see-through goop instead of skin, has a date. The issue is split between the doctor telling Logan how fucked he is and Glob getting ready for his date. It’s a pretty jarring change from how the book has been going, even with the big twist at the end. We’ll see where this is headed, I know Old Man Logan is slated to continue into Fresh Start without a renumber so who knows what’s in store.

Isola #2

Finally the book I was actively excited for. The problem with leaving indie books for last is they’re the best ones! Anyway, still great. The queen, who is trapped as a tiger, is acting strangely as if she might be sick. Rook goes off to find supplies and runs into a soldier she was previously stationed with and a mysterious scavenger girl. This issue has a tense atmosphere, and the many things we don’t know about this world begin to feel heavy. That’s not to say I think more should already be revealed, it’s part of the suspense. Rook and the soldier clearly have a history we know nothing about, and they throw around a lot of names of places and other people they know and slang that we haven’t been introduced to. On the bigger scale, there’s a scavenger girl who shows up that seems to be part wolf, which is the first indication of some sort of half-human race. While none of it is overtly scary, this issue starts to really enforce how little we know about the world and about what to expect.

For as little as actually happens plot wise and as many pages as there are with no dialogue at all this issue really grabbed me. Isola seems to have found the balance it wants to strike of driving forward the narrative and world building now that the heavy lifting of first issue attention grabbing is done. Everything about the book is beautiful, and the ruins evoke the shit I love, (like the ruins in Lord of the Rings or Dark Souls). This may be the book that has the world I most want to explore, where Motor Crush has thrilling plot and Moonstruck has characters I adore. I am very into this fantasy world and I hope y’all will explore it with me.

That’s all, like I said it’s a light one (which my wallet needed!). Feel free to get in touch through Discord, everyone at The Skill Floor loves to hear from folks. Til next week.



Comic Wolf Post-Credit

With the special over, time for more post-credits! This one is kinda cheating because I’ll be talking about books I already read. However, I read them before starting CWPB and the trade paperback just came out so they’re super easy to get now!

Heavy Vinyl Vol. 1

Heavy Vinyl was a limited series of four issues, originally titled Hi-Fi Fight Club but changed for the fourth issue and trade releases. It’s a story about a girl who works at an all female record shop, Vinyl Mayhem, in the 90’s. It’s difficult being a teenager, being the new girl at the store and lowest on the totem pole, having a major crush on a coworker, etc. It’s even more difficult because Vinyl Mayhem is actually a front for a lady fight club/vigilante team! When the lead singer of a beloved band goes missing, the ladies of Vinyl Mayhem have to solve the mystery. It’s super rad and cute and I fucking loved this series. The characters are a lot of fun together, the premise is ridiculously fun, and the art brings it all together in a perfect way. The whole story is contained in this volume, since Heavy Vinyl was planned as a limited series. However, Boom! has a history of testing books in limited form and expanding them later. The fact that they changed the name to be more recognizable when only one issue was left means they likely have future plans for the series/characters. I absolutely highly recommend this super fun story to literally everyone.

That’s the post-credit! Not quite as satisfying as the one for Infinity War huh? I know, I’m still not gonna spoil anything but I am going to repeatedly bring up Infinity War being dope as fuck. Make sure to come back next week!