The “Seeing 2 Minutes Ahead” Update

So I totally meant to announce that Dany was coming to visit, much the same way I meant to announce all of the written articles on twitter. But anyway it was super nice to see them and they were finally able to grab their TSF mug and move about their day in a more meaningful sense.

La di da we all grow as people, the intriniscally confusing nature of our day to days go on, and next time there will be more warning because I’ve set an alarm to update my personal calendar every couple of days.

Okay, with that out of the way.

I’m now all caught up on movies of the Marvel variety. With just one Black Panther to watch to finally neutralize the salty members that make up the MMM, we’re basically in a nice cool running to wrap this seasonal event up in a nice bow. I have no idea what the future holds for our pending act of creation during the 9 to 5, but expect something fairly short if it is live. Since I now carry full morning time duties, save for the Monday group stream, trying to piece something engaging together has thus far been quite a challenge.

We’ve got some show ideas in pipe, but we don’t know when those will be releasing just yet, so it’s gonna take some time to get those things ironed out in a meaningful way. Morning may be devoted to that, and as you are no doubt a morning devotee, this means you may need to devote yourself to disappointment in the mean time.

What is not disappointing is T’Chazz’s morning comic book rustle, which occurs on Tuesday mornings. He’s got all kinds of comic books to review especially with the pending threat of Superman’s big drop coming out hot and ready for next week. Even if you’re not interested in mediums that are not on paper, there is entertainment just to be had at reading the plots of some of these comics. Batman… married, I thought I’d never see the day, and yet here we are.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then maybe it’s time to acquiesce and go read the comic reviews.

If the visit goes well, maybe stop over at Rosa town and peruse the movie collection, this month brought to you by the man badger that brought us National Treasure and also displayed sharp foresight in this weeks ToT, Next. This movie debuts a very full bodied Nic Cage attempting to seduce a very well paid actress only using his ability to see 2 minutes into the future. A superpower that seems only useful for predicting when you’ll disappoint your sexual partner because you’ve just started and you know that in less than two minutes you’re already going to be seeing fireworks.

Anyway that’ll do me today, catch you all next week.