The Pool Time Update

Okay so I’m trying to not overdose on coffee right now, but it’s a total challenge to keep things under control as we get closer to podcast time and the number of things I need to gets ever higher.  I usually write these pre-podcast but post cooking, so by this point my day is well strung and nearly over. Through this ocean of hurry I’ve managed to survive almost entirely off of this Aubrey Plaza ASMR video that was born out of W magazine.

It fills me with PandR nostalgia, and is awesome. If you’re having a hard time, I would suggest checking it out.

Anyway, I’ve got some apologizing to do. Last week I led by saying that the morning programming would be back. That was wrong. In fact it was so wrong. It was opposite of right. We did even less morning program, and god forbid, if Eneaz was not there to cover there would have been NOTHING. NOOOOTTHHIINNGGG.

But we’re all cleaned out of the old office now. Everything has been moved to the new place (but have not been setup quite yet) This means that we’ll be back to the morning M – W program during the 9 to 5 block.

MMM is still going, I’m working on something to get caught up, and it’s sort of killing me, but it’ll be worth it when we finally bring ourselves back together and are on track.

It’s NICK CAGE month. No seriously, Nic “Saint Olaf” Cage was delivered to us by aliens on this month. We don’t know the specific day because time didn’t exist in the way we know it during the oily refuse of his creation. All this month Rosa (The poor sodding disciple of Cage) has relegated themselves to the batters den of Cage movies. It’s just Cages. Forever. As the editor for the series let me alert you to my dismay with a well recorded voice line.


Besides that Wolf is slated to do some exciting Superman specific stuff we’re finalizing the details, but I’m doing everything in my power to research Sman to make sure we can grab some good stuff.

That’ll tie it up this week. We’re going to the pool at the new office to go veg and chat. Thanks for readdddddddd.