The “Still Slacking” Update

You know what inconsistency is right? It’s when two things appear to externally appear similar, but are actually similar.

As some of you folks know I’ve been doing radical gym stuff in my free time, and on Thursday I went to a different 24 hour fitness than the one I usually go to. Oh my god, what have I been doing with my time, the one I usually go to, has messed up weights, there’s always a line for the power racks, but here, here, no wait, beautiful bumper weights. It was a dream.

Humble bragging aside, the move is still underway and Brian has lovingly requested another week of time for moving things and stuff. This means that last night’s podcast was real, and this coming week’s podcast will be real.


You probably noticed that some of the podcast stuff last night was more structured, I promise this is deeply intentional. This will be the coming process, as we develop more segments with more rigid content. The goal is to make the podcast easier to follow for people who are just arriving in. Many people who come through leave within 3 minutes of their arrival, this has gone up on days when we’re doing our usual thing, but on podcasts when we’re really on topic (Abraham, where art thou) we have much more consistent viewership. That’s why the podcast is morphing in the way that it is. Plus soon we’ll be moving the set in to a garage, so there will be an even more vigorous scene change pending.

Our bad

This last Wolf stream didn’t happen and it’s totally my fault. If you stream on our channel you need a OTP to log into our Twitch panel. It was generated, but it was not given to Wolf so he couldn’t login. Totally my bad he’ll be back with more weird bird visual novels.

New Office? MMM? Mornings?

This week you might see the evening streams show up at the new office, morning programming will continue to be the same. Monday will be some kind of group stream, albeit, it may be me remoting into discord with the others, or it may be me traveling up to the new office to participate. Tuesday will be another solo MMM, where we’ll be talking Age of Ultron. There will be clips cut out for this program. Wednesday is the always terse news segment. Special thanks to CBRich for sharing this video that was weirdly uplifting after being dragged through the proverbial mud of the “do video games cause violence” debate.

Hot take incoming, I don’t think anyone in TSF thinks they do.

What about the site?

Wolf’s comic pull is released on Tuesdays, last week things got a little weird as Wolfywoo cut into the extremely foreign world of not their usual bullshit. There was a list of weird sounding occult comics, that only more deeply entrenched the possibility that Wolf might be a lizard person in disguise. If you get a chance, I could use some backup on this, let me know if you see the weird evils of a reptilian beast being reflected in the writing.

Rosa is not yet allowed to stop the ceaseless onslaught of ToT movies, thus an article will release on Thursday.

This describes another week of activity, we’ll see you next week for more action adventure sequences of varying degree.