The Girl Scout Update

So here we are. It’s finally time when I’m writing an update at 3 AM on a dusty, shitty computer in a dark room. It’s not quite all the gloomy, I’m actually typing it on my shadow right now so that’s pretty cool, and the room is the perfect writing temperature, but damn. I’m supposed to be up early for gym/boardgame/pleasurable time and I’ll be damned if I sleep through those items on the agenda.

Plus there’s the newly found element of Possicrit editing which I’m on hook for.

What’s Possicrit? Well it’s our new D&D podcast. Everyone’s grandma has a podcast now and we’ll be damned if we get left behind so we decided to suit up and lock into a new Fatnasy romp. Th podcast is being run by Manny who has been Podcast, and Joe who has also been Podcast. Our first session was a real high concept romp and we’re super excited to keep it going in the later times.


So we’re supposed to have watched winter soldier, but I know that didn’t happen, so we’ll be watching Winter Solder on our own time and getting back to you about it’s quality. This coming week we’re doing Space Defenders, starring Rocket Cat, Shrub Lord, Chris Pine, and a Pile of Murderous Rocks.

Rosalina has another awful movie in rotation, this time it’s the luxuriously titled Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell which just sounds like a real winner.

I have no idea what a Nymphoid is, but it sounds high concept enough to be like an elf or something. Am I wrong? Probably, find out this Thursday.

Joe also has a bit this week, a Guitar Hero piece prepped up for eyeballish pleasure due to release on Wednesday.

This Monday we’re visiting some Payday 2 from 11 to 12 and spending some more time robbing some ill prepared banks, also queued up is Vermintide, just in case all goes awry,

Wednesday will be more me time, if you wanna chat, talk about games, maybe make kissy faces against your monitor I’ll be directly in front of you this coming Wednesday.

Streams are also happening in the weeknights, with ya boy Wolf handling Wednesdays like a sexy Wednesarian. Mondays are owned by your fave married couple, and I’ll be heading up Saturday evenings for some slightly sexy commingling.

Alright, insert comment about how fun Hunt is, I’m gonna sleep now.