The Coffee Maker Update

Please turn me into coffee.

There are few things better than the enthralling rush of nearly dying on the CA-15. This freeway, renowned for it’s exceptional death toll is practically sentient with it’s pursuit of bodily harm. Some freeways are free from the harm of others by virtue of the time of day that folks are traveling the road, but the 15 is never accident free.

At least 3 times while leaving work at late hours, I have seen flipped cars. How do you flip a car there at midnight when there is nobody else around, I don’t know it’s a mystery.

This among other factors have motivated a decision to move offices. Some of the more in tune Floor Birds may no doubt be privy to this desire. We have been spending most weekends hunting for a new hearth and have some delightful candidates to this effect. Either way, know that a move is coming soon and when it happens there will be scheduling changes, but in the mean time enjoy some lovely home hunting videos put together by our lovely friends at google on our twitter.

This last week I’ve really been trying to put together a video of Rising Sun on account of it being so hot and sexy. All the minis look fresh in their plastic casing, and don’t tell anyone this, but my copy of blood rage is actually quite sticky. Rising Sun has no stick, and speaking of a lack of stick, we’ve got a brand new soundboard which hopefully fixed some of our more pressing sound issues. Our old one is basically begging to get set on fire, and seems to be in a constant state of asking for the sweet release of death. Tip, if anyone actually knows the proper way to put a soundboard out of it’s misery, I’d love to know.

Possicrit has yet to record, see previous home shopping reasons for why that is, this coming week is likely to see the recording of a hot number so we can get our bumbles in order and put that thing together.

A long time ago we ran a raffle for our lovely Extra Life shindig, well your packages have since been mailed out. Things have been dispersed to the winds and hopefully your goods arrive in healthy, sexy, winnerific status. You definitely earned it for waiting so long.

Tonight, Eneaz and I will likely spend some romantic time playing some of the new Crytek game, Hunt:Showdown. If it’s anything like our other experiences playing games it’ll end with us being dead. If we could end up not dead that would be great, but you know us, always dying.

Do you speak German? I love the German language, and earlier in the year we had a German friend visit the office and whisper sweet nothings to us while we worked. Well this miracle of modern engineering (my German friend is actually a robot) showed me a German let’s play group who have a live audience, band, and play on a projector. It’s so crazy, and also completely incomprehensible thanks to them not speaking the same language. It’s so cerebral, definitely the future of the craft.

This week there will be another installment of Trash or Treasure and Wolf’s Comic Odyssey. Those things are basically second clam now, but Joe is also planning on releasing one of his gaming lifestyle things on Wed, making this coming week a banging one if you’re a person on the rafters of our website.

Of course there will also be the usual strambles, with Nobledudewolf playing more… I thought we were on weird games, but he did WoW last week, so maybe more of that. Who even knows anymore, I don’t. But he’ll be there (here?) doing Wolfy things.

Additionally, there will be some hot bodies floating around the streams this Monday as the freshly minted married folk slide into a life of astute earnestness and continue one of several coop adventures which seemingly have no end. Truly married life is an eternal nightmare.

Well that’ll be it this week. Please shoot me some photos of your happy existences so that I might stoke the constitutions of my waning heart.