The We Survived Work Update

Boom Boom Boom Boom.

Do you hear that, no? This is a written article? Okay, put on something that booms for you because it’s Weekly Update tiiiimmeee.

Eneaz is back for podcasts. A recent schedule change (which has me and Brian unaffected) places Eneaz in perfect range of our standard podcast time slot. I’m sure you’ve noticed the newly minted man strolling about. He’ll finally be back where he belongs, in our shared arms during the cultish exchange known as The Skill Floor Podcast.

Manny who has appeared on previous podcasts will also be joining us for his show Possicrit. This is a d20 tumblin, podcast fumblin, audio only adventure. No word on length or release, but our first recording session will be Thursday night. This one will be pickupable on podcast feed, so you’ll be able to download it from wherever you get your winning podcasts.

CBRich asked what podcasts I recommend. If you’re new to the medium and want to get your feet soaked I always suggest Radiolab. You never know what you’re going to get in this high concept podcast that never trails the same path. Some days it’s debunking, some days it’s just 30 minutes of poetry, but it is always great. For comedy rangs, Brian really likes Harmontown. Dan Harmon has all lights aimed bright and bleary at his poor face, a band of new faces continuously put him on the spot. These are good openers to the medium.

This week Wolf’s Weekly Pull is not releasing. That’s because it’s his birthday and he’s taking a mini vacation up to my alma mater to visit some friends. I’m sure they’ll take lots of photos so I can place them here for blackmail purposes.

Monday crew streams are an ever evolving wave, we’ve been playing law enforcing agents in New York, but are feeling more inclined to do crime these days. The easiest way to do that would be to put on a show of robbing banks in Payday.

The MMMM hit an expected bump, as Brian and I loaded ourselves up with hard labor to cover for Eneaz’s betrothal. Friday night ended with horse voices, tired bodies, and sensations of dread hanging over all of us. There was no way we were going to make it through Avengers. We did that yesterday, and will be watching Iron Man 3 before Tuesday so we can talk both movies on Tuesday morning.

We’ve continued the trend of allowing remote Podcasting. Do you enjoy hearing foreign voices from a far off land, do they sound good to you, pleeeaassee let me know.

That’ll be alllllll