The “I Wrote This Under The Effect Of Monster Hunter” Update

Hello there cheery Skillets (that is to say people who enjoy the skill floor, and not to imply that you are all metal cookware), it’s time to revel in what’s sure to be another exciting week of TSF goodness.

Namely we have a schedule change incoming. Do you hear that in the distance, that’s the sound of ships being sunk, of titanic vessels being washed away by the tide… of change. The biggest thing that’s rotating is the morning schedule. We’re moving the crew stream to the embittering Monday slot and the MMMMM is replacing it on Tuesdays. I’ll be doing my solo morning program on Wednesday. Start your day as frustratingly as possible, by watching us play games in the morning. The new schedule will commence this week, on Monday.

Speaking of the MMMMMMMMMMM. We’re doing the big one. The spiciest mamajama, the turning point of tuning points, we’re doing Avengers 1: The Truth of Terra. A movie as fake as it is real. I know you want to watch it, because it made my friend cry, and anything that can make someone cry is worth spending time on.

Also returning is a whole host of anomalous streams in the evenings. Wowhowcool has been hitting that college gym and is having his world totally rocked by education. That sadly means that our bleary lad is going to be away from the keyboard almost as soon as he arrived. Well it’s like they say, easy come, easy go. There is still stuff happening almost every night, with action taking place nearly every day in the evenings. If you were lucky you may have caught the oceanic adventure of me playing Jalopy, a game that is as much about being stuck as it is about the Russian countryside. I managed to actually finish it recently and will probably pick it back up tonight in my quest for a russian car success. I’m actually really interested in racing this game with someone. It seems like a fun game to be pressed for time in, and having the chill countryside eroded by that sweet desire for victory would be a fun addition to the challenging game.

Noblewolf streams on Wednesdays and Tuesdays, inviting a whole plethora of East Coast livelihood to what is traditionally a disgusting West Coast climate. He’s one of my best friends and knows more things about things than pretty much anyone I know. That’s terrifying because I’m friends with an Encylopedia from the 1950’s. It’s a bit racist, but gosh is she smart.

Anyway, Noblewolf is not racist, and he knows even more than that 50’s ‘cyclopedia. If you want proof check out his comic section which is dedicated to all things new and fresh in the realm of comics. It’s the only contemporary thing on our website and is every bit as hot as it is colorized. If a comic section could have amazing abs, it would be this comic section.

We also have a power couple, it’s the combination of MC and Eneaz, not to be confused with MC Eneaz. Every Monday night they engage in the shared experience of playing video games in the worst way possible. With each other.

If that were not enough, and is should not be (you deserve so much more) we have our worldclass podcast every Friday from 8 to 9. Why one hour? It used to be 2 hours, 2 hours is greater than one hour.

Well pesky noticer of changes, it’s because we literally have a movie night, and you should come and watch with us. Links will be in our Discord, where you can be, just like us.

One other, more serious thing I wanted to mention was the colorful exchange that happened in Discord. Someone made a joke, some people were worried, and we came down really hard. Nobody is to blame directly for the overreaction, it’s in large part the result of several links in our chain being unprepared for what we should do when that happens. I wanted to say sorry to the person targeted, sorry you got the worst of that. You should never feel uncomfortable being you and if you say something that makes someone else uncomfortable you won’t be singled out like that. We have to be aware of when stuff like that goes on and react, but we went way too hard on something that should have been way more soft.

Here’s a practical statement. If you do something accidentally we might have to take some type of action. That action should be discreet and it is our job as moderators to react. In the instance of the recent occurrence, we were not able to quickly, and as a result we reacted too harshly. Also note that it is our job to react to you, not for you to attempt to sensor yourself. We might have to chat about why something is/is not okay, but we will make sure that things are okay, and no part of that burden should rest on anyone else.

We know you mean well. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this.

A N Y W A Y.

That’s it. Seriously I’m all out of things to talk about. Go away now.