Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 1/24/18

Who’s ready for another exciting installment of Comic Wolf’s Pull Box?! Nobody? That’s fine I’m doing it anyway. This week is a good one, between my actual favorite series coming out again plus further entries in Doomsday Clock and Phoenix Resurrection. In the comments/Discord you can take bets on whether or not Marvel will delay the fifth and final issue of Phoenix next week. Till then, on to the main event!

Doomsday Clock #3

I have to admit, after three issues my fears about Doomsday Clock are rapidly fading away. It’s a damn good book. This issue features the proper DC Universe the most heavily, having gotten through the build up of the first couple issues. A lot of the things I love about this #3 are connected to the fact that it’s a true DC/Watchmen collision. Seeing Batman and Rorschach interact is interesting, even if it’s an obvious thing to have happen. The cuts to an old movie throughout the issue makes a nice parallel with “Tales of the Black Freighter” from the original Watchmen, although it remains to be seen if this will be as persistent/important thematically. I also like the vague hints at the state of the DC Universe and the ways it is actually becoming like the Watchmen universe. Sure, a story about superheroes not being trusted is a bit overdone, but the fact that this is an open homage to Watchmen rather than presenting itself as original makes it more enjoyable. It doesn’t seem to be sticking too close to the original with this issue, just grounding itself in both stories. Also, I love, love, love the art. I can’t say I’m overly familiar with the name Gary Frank, although a quick Wikipedia search reveals he’s done some work on a few things I liked (Batman:Earth One, DC Rebirth One-Shot, Superman: Secret Identity). I have a feeling this book may be a break out moment for him. In terms of things I don’t like about the book, I am a little worried it may come to rely too much on just pulling characters out. Batman and Superman are obviously going to play a large role, but the Comedian appearing and hints of the Joker’s involvement are a little worrying. This particular issue also jumps around a lot, which is a little jarring, but the branching story paths were enjoyable because of the breadth of the worlds colliding. My one other complaint is something I don’t want to get into too much, but the series has just been delayed to a bi-monthly schedule which is a) annoying and b) messes up the whole premise of Doomsday Clock: it takes place in the DCU in one year from now and over the course of the next real life year all the other DC books will slowly move in the direction teased in the book. I’m sure it’ll work out somehow, but I’m impatient and waiting two years for this to wrap up is gonna suck.

Phoenix Resurrection #4

Glad to be back in this crazy world after the off week. The penultimate issue ties most of the threads together in a decent way. I don’t want to go into anything too specific here, but it does seem a little trope-y. The book is moving at a breakneck pace, and this issue has a lot of ground to cover. That said, I still enjoy it. Being a mini-series, every single panel drives the plot forward and builds intrigue. I also like just how many past/present X-Men characters show up (mostly present, it seems like they’re trying to have every current X-Book represented). It can be a little overwhelming, but there’s such a focus on small team rosters that a reminder of how many different mutants are running around adds to the experience. Art wise, it’s very fire/orange heavy again but there are a few places where other colors are used to complement/juxtapose with the fiery colors and it’s impressive to look at. Although I did enjoy #4, I don’t have too much to say until I see how the story concludes; stick around and (hopefully) next week we’ll see how this thing pans out!

Moonstruck #5

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAdeep breath AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I love Moonstruck! I love it! Okay, that’s out of the way. My favorite book ties up the first arc with #5, and it has everything I hoped for. The story of the mysterious fox who steals magic and centaur butts serves as a nice, dramatic backdrop for a character focused story, and its resolution works that way too. It reads a lot like a Scooby Doo mystery, just a little longer and with WAY more cute monster people. As I said, the characters are the strong suit of the book and seeing Julie and Selena confronting their relationship hurdles from the previous issue (and making them worse and breaking my heart but still) is the real strength of this issue. There are also a few heartwarming scenes, a few solid laughs, and plenty of other drama to fill it out. When I talk to people about Moonstruck (read: badger people to read Moonstruck) I always say it’s a slice of life story about people, with really amazing representation, and also the people are all monsters/mythical creatures. I could honestly go on and on about the representation aspect alone, but I’ll leave that alone. We see just about all the main and recurring characters this issue, and get a few nice little drips of character development. Although I do feel the main story isn’t the strongest point of the book, I do still really like it. It had a few nice little twists and turns and took up exactly the right amount of space between character interactions to create a truly lovely balance. The art remains cute and lovable and beautiful with every single panel looking like a treasure. The shapes/silhouettes and designs of the different magical beings are varied, and any shot that has a few of them grouped up is visually interesting. There’s also something about the facial expressions, especially on the wolf/fox characters that really captures the spirit of the actual animals. This book is overflowing with talent and while the short hiatus is going to break my heart, I’m super excited for the book to return in April.


That’s everything for the week! As always, thanks for stopping in.





Comic Wolf Post-Credit


I know last week I teased maybe doing something exciting but I’m disorganized and seriously underestimated the toll Monster Hunter: World would take on my free time. I promise it’s not off the table, just need to get my hands on a couple issues I need and then make time to read them. For now, I’ll be doing something else!


Destiny: Fall of Osiris #1

After ignoring it for a bit, I decided this week was as good as any to finally check out the free online Destiny 2 comic Bungie put out. I’m a huge fan of Destiny lore, but my love for the game and its world has been dulled pretty significantly the more time I’ve spent with D2. However, I still figured this comic would be interesting, especially once I heard Saint-14 makes an appearance. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There’s a little bit of interesting lore in the book, especially surrounding Saint-14. There’s a good half-page fight scene and a few legitimately funny lines. Okay, I’m done complimenting the book. Most of the art is pretty bad. The faces all look weird, the colors seem out of place, there’s a lot of blandness to the look of it. The dialogue is mostly pretty rough, leaning more toward the D2 forced comedy rather than letting it flow between dramatic tension and comedy naturally. The story feels unneccessary to begin with, since it’s just a more detailed version of events we already know happened: Osiris was branded a heretic and kicked out. Okay, we get it. It was dealt with in both games. Speaking of which, nobody who isn’t already a Destiny fan would read this comic. Despite that (in my opinion obvious) fact, it still feels the need to explain very basic story/worldbuilding aspects of Destiny outright. I’ve been burned by video game comics before (Dark Souls) but have also had pretty positive experiences that really add to the universe of games I love (Halo). At least for issue one, Destiny: Fall of Osiris feels like a waste of the digital space it takes up since they had the good sense not to print it on paper.

I don’t see myself making a habit of reviewing this series, but who knows what could happen? Make sure to tune in every week after the main article to see what I do with this space! As always, thanks for sitting through the credits to be here.