The “Speaking to a Mechanic About It” Update

So I was riding in my ’72 Ernesto, a car which is as random as it is obscure when I pulled across a water’s edge. My canteen was empty, causing the riotous sensation of thirst to thunder from my ancestors. When I got out of my ’72 Ernesto a glug of neon green was dripping from the basin of the car running to the water.

The moral of this story is, don’t hope for a fresh glass of water when your car is leaking coolant.

In all seriousness Brian, Eneaz, and I all carpool to work. While on the way South to our homes, my car (a ’96 Altima, not a ’72 Ernesto) stated to violently overheat due a to a broken water pump. A part that I didn’t even know was in a car managed to get us all completely killed.

Anyway, back to the things that you actually care about, let’s talk weekly updates.

I don’t know if you’ve been reading Rosalina’s Trash or Treasure, but they’re basically what happens when a Director wants to write a movie about a codeine trip they had while watching another, worse movie. They’re on our website, where they can be viewed at almost no consequence. I highly suggest The Perfect Score one, because it’s a movie I actually really liked, and reflecting on that is like opening your sordid search history in front of a nun. Releases every week on Thursday.

Another feat. is the comic review and look series based on Chazz’s time actually working in a comic shop. It’s true, I’ve been there, I’ve seen and felt items that Chazz now is forced to see and feel. If you’re interested in comics, he’ll break down the comic’s quality itself and he’ll also phrase the comic in the greater scheme of the comic universe. It’s a candid look at comics with lots of potential for anyone interested in the medium. Releases every week on Tuesday.

MMMMM is still going strong as our movie options gradually sway in the upwards direction. I write these before I get a chance to watch the previous one, but I’m sure Thor was bad. You know what else was bad, the Dundee remake. You know what was fake, the Dundee movie. Sweet fucking Christ, maybe you are real.

Anyway we’re doing Captain this week, as Brian refuses to tell me what the Captain is of. Perhaps this will be the week we reveal the deep connections we have at Disney and our ability to sneak underground, Pirate, Marvel movies out of Hollywood.

(It’s probably Captain America tho, don’t tell anyone anything different.)

The Morning line up is unchanging, with their being a solo morning program on Monday, a group stream on Tuesday, and a Movie discussion on Wednesday. As of right now there is no additional morning program until the cooking segment comes back and we make more pancake ghosts. Which we won’t

Wowhowcool is still covering afternoons when he can. He’s got a delightful game repertoire stocked full of Indies, Nindies, ID@xbox and more.

I’ll of course be playing video games on Saturday evenings, doing my best to keep everyone in good company when I can, as I can, while I can.

Mondays are showing the return of a power couple lost to time, as Rachel and Eneaz commence a loot filled evening of murder. Probably manifesting this time around as Monster Hunter, but also potentially involving more Blands2.

Anyway, for more weekly update info you can always just whisper sweet nothings to me, I promise to be somewhere on premises.