Comic Wolf’s Pull Box Week of 1/17/18

Hello, it is me your NobleWolf bringing you more comical book news. First off, shoutout to this week’s comic day for being 1/17, the designation of my second favorite Halo universe Spartan.

Onto things people other than me care about – this week, because Marvel is actually just a bunch of fuck-ups pretending to be a company, there will be no Phoenix Resurrection. That’s right, Marvel can’t even get through a 5-issue weekly miniseries without a fucking delay. I won’t spend too much time beating the “fuck Marvel” horse since I did a pretty thorough job in last week’s post-credit. Anyway, time to launch into some comic talk!

The Mighty Thor #703

The current story arc, “The Death of the Mighty Thor” ramps up! Jane Foster’s cancer has been getting steadily worse, and now everything Jason Aaron’s run has been building to is beginning to come to a head. I like this arc, for the most part. I like Jane as Thor, but from the beginning there has always been a finiteness to it. All the way back when Odinson became unworthy, we saw the future — that he would eventually return. All I hoped to get from the female Thor was a bunch of interesting stories for as long as she lasted. This story arc definitely lives up to that potential. Aaron’s writing stays strong, and this issue manages to be exciting and tense despite the fact that Thor herself is never actually present. The story skips over the Thor bit, focusing instead on Jane Foster and her friends/allies that have to see her dying day by day. That said, there’s no shortage of action. The Mangog is still attacking Asgard, trying to get its revenge. I don’t particularly like the Mangog as a villain. He’s very ugly to look at, even in this absolutely gorgeous book. He feels a bit like a Dragonball villain, in that he’s just hilariously more powerful than literal gods, and I’m quite confident that his defeat will not be very satisfying; just another level of “powering up” for Jane and Odinson who must be just about ready to replace her. However, the Mangog being dull isn’t a big deal since the focus is definitely still on cancer as the villain, with the Mangog as well as Malekith and his allies just serving as a reason for Jane to keep picking up the hammer. At a glance, it looks like there’s probably two more issues to this arc and this is definitely the one where things get real. Definitely a fan. In addition, this is the first (and probably only) one of the books I read to include a “Where is Wolverine?”. I thought it was pretty dumb, so there’s my thoughts on that too.

Spirits of Vengeance #4

I absolutely love Spirits of Vengeance. It has all the vague occult charm of Hellblazer, but it isn’t complete garbage like everything DC does with Constantine. This being issue four out of five, everything is getting close to wrapping up. That’s a damn shame, because this is one of my favorite books and I can’t tell if it’s going to spin-off into anything. Regardless, the side of the Marvel Universe that contains angels and demons and magic is one that doesn’t get explored as much as I’d like, making this a lot of fun. In terms of this issue specifically: there’s a lot of very cool hellish art, plenty of fire and brimstone, and some colorful pages (by colorful I mean “very orange”). The story stalls a little since they have to build up to the final confrontation, but there are a few well placed jokes and enough plot to sustain this month’s installment. Honestly I just love the concept, the world, and the team, so I’m a pretty easy sell on this one. I’m not sure if there’s a precedent within Marvel for the actual archangel Michael showing up, but I can dig that; I love some cool interpretations of Catholic mythology (Thanks, Dogma!). As a result, keep an eye out in future post-credits to see if I dig up any good stories that paved the way for this one!


That’s it for me this week! Next week should be a bit less Marvel heavy given that Doomsday Clock is due for an issue, plus I may have a small DC related bit to do for the post-credit next time. Cheers ‘til then!





Comic Wolf Post-Credit


The past week I was sick, which led to a lot of free time. Part of that free time I spent knocking a trade paperback out of my backlog:

The Old Guard Vol. 1: Opening Fire.

I picked up a bunch of Image trades on sale a while back, and Old Guard sounded like my speed so I decided to check it out. It’s a story about a group of pseudo-immortals; they don’t age, and instantly recover from most fatal wounds. Sometimes, one of them will be killed and that particular death will stick for unknown reasons. Whenever a new immortal comes into being, they all have dreams about each other until they group up. It’s a pretty cool premise, and features badass immortal soldiers with guns and swords and axes. The driving plot of the first volume is that somebody finds out they exist and captures some of them to try and get some immortality for himself. I won’t go into anything specific, but it was an interesting little story arc that did a good job of introducing all the characters. It also managed to hit a personal… whatever the opposite of a pet peeve is. Anyway, the story is well contained within the volume and has a satisfying conclusion, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more later. I really appreciate that; often the ongoing nature of comics makes it feel like nothing ever truly gets resolved. There is one major drawback to this book, and that’s the art. It’s super indie/stylized looking, and there are some panels and action sequences that are a bit too washed out to be visually exciting. The whole thing has a sort of minimalist vibe to it, which I like but does get a bit grating when detail gets lost. I don’t want to bog down this post with images, but consider previewing the inside of the book to see what I mean about the art being weird. Faces especially look noticeably fucked up in a lot of panels, but it does get the emotion across so I certainly wouldn’t say it’s bad. Definitely flip through and make sure you like the art before purchasing though, because I absolutely recommend the book with the caveat that you can’t enjoy it if you don’t like the art (and there’s nothing wrong with that!).


As always, thanks for sticking around after the credits! Tune in next week for (hopefully) a super cool segment!