PSLFunkdoc W/ TSF September 9th – Sept 10th

24 Hour Stream 09/09 to 09/10

One of the things we’d love to be able to do more of is support other streamers who don’t exist within our family. We get so caught up in our own activities that we forget that other people are trying to do the same thing that we are, and that some of these people are fucking awesome!

PSLFunkdoc (of GDQ fame) is a friend of Alexander’s (he was in a podcast once) and they’ve asked us to help. They’re putting on a fundraiser so a group of people can attend a rally in DC, and it’s a great opportunity to see a master at work. He’s closely integrated with the PSL, a political institution that leans socialist and has been involved with social rights issues in the area. This stream is going to run for 24 hours and all proceeds collected will go towards members of this organization going to DC to attend a conference.

While socialism may not be your flavor, we can all get behind opposing racism. With most media telling us who to hate, PSL is easy to love. They participate in educational sessions, provide for disenfranchised persons, and oppose white supremacy groups.

This Friday and Saturday you’ll be able to donate so they can continue their work and get to see some awesome arcade games get cleared. PSLFunkdoc has a great on screen character and knows a ton about the games he plays. He’s simultaneously talented without getting too sucked into the action, he is a truly talented streamer through and through. We talk a lot of shit, but video games can be used to great affect to make things happen. Together with PSLFunkdoc we have an opportunity to do just that.

I’ll see you there,


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