Live Podcast – A Personal Retrospective

On Saturday 8/26, as some of you noted, The Skill Floor was privy to an exclusive opportunity that I hope is the first of many public opportunities to come. We were allowed to stream our podcast, live from the Fleet Science Center here in San Diego’s Balboa Park. The location is a museum by day, but this past weekend they happened to host an all-night gaming event in celebration of the newest exhibit Game Masters, which is a celebration/dive into some of the most influential games over the last 40 years that have molded the game industry into what it is today.

To reiterate: we got to do a live podcast! And at one of my personal favorite locations from my youth! In the middle of an exhibit and during an event meant to showcase playing video games!!

I don’t think we could have gotten a luckier first outing as a media group.

Looking back, I can confidently say that we did pretty well for being in front of a live audience. We did not suffer any major blunders, and we successfully were able to keep a small group of people engaged enough to stay through the entire hour-long podcast + after show despite having paid for a $60 ticket to get to play video games. For any of you aspiring content creators, I’m sure that the struggle to get people to stick around after peeking in to the media that you produce is a struggle, and it is no less for us. Therefore, having even a single person feel like it was worth their time to stick around and hang out with us while we talked about games and interviewed an exhibit staff member is such a huge success and I know that I couldn’t be more touched by their company.

Speaking of the staff member, she was a lovely participant who was funny, engaging, and very smart. She was a natural on camera and I truly feel like her involvement elevated our level of quality to something that was far greater than our typical laid-back podcast. As we move forward from the 1 year mark and continue to find our rhythm and flavor, victories like this will likely be fundamental to the formation of who we are in the long run.

Some things of note:

  • the games available were pretty rad, with honorable mentions to the indie game section
  • SSB4 on the dome theater was excellent, and Travis wrecked house
  • playing Rock Band again was amazing
  • the concept art provided by Double Fine for Psychonauts was my favorite part
  • all the people I interacted with were lovely

I am personally looking forward to more opportunities to do this again. Hopefully this was the event that will open the flood gates and allow us to branch out into other venues and events!

-Brian Perez