We’re back!

Oh man has it been an exciting time since the last time I update the website. It’s nearly been 8 months since our last update on here, and we’re a whole new beast now.

We’ve got weekly schedules that feel more like tradition than work. With the realunch of the website we have a whole bunch of upcoming things coming. We’re planning on putting all sorts of text and audio only content on here. As you’re reading this, we’re getting reinstated on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. It’s gonna be so much easier than loading up youtube to get all of your favorite podcasts. Plus look out for Cold Brew audio highlights. We’re putting the Cold Brew recipes online so you can make your own plates of terrible diarrhea.

So while things have been pretty vacant here, you should expect all varieties of auxiliary content to stream forth into this vacant log cabin of a website.

You might notice the collection of pages that are now accessible above, all of those things are still under construction while we figure out what the best format for the pages.

Also you may notice the Patreon tab. While we haven’t officially launched a Patreon, it is something that’s been sitting on our horizons since we started. Now being a year in, we feel like it’s almost time for us to put our Patreon out there and give viewers a clear way to directly benefit our work.

We don’t expect TSF to grow overnight, the last year should have proven that. Things are moving though and everyday is exciting.

We joke a lot about being exhausted, about how we don’t get a ton of sleep, about the long hours we sink into this project, but everyday feels charged with positives when we congregate to do this. Getting to experience NITW with the few people who come around for NITW is genuinely delightful. We’re growing as people and as creators and it’s all because of you.

Brian was awful about going on camera, he felt he had nothing to offer and would frequently ask to sit out of podcasts. Now he’s an accomplished co-host on our morning program. Eneaz has developed a meaningful relationship with our show runner Rachel. I’ve got a group of close friends both inside and outside TSF that I would have never met had it not been for this project. I’ve been able to reconnect with Travis thanks to the work we share.

Even if you don’t pop by the streams, even if you’ve never donated money, even if you’ve only come by to talk shit, you’ve been apart of a year long journey which have led to these spurts of personal growth.

Also did I mention we’re podcasting not at the office. We have an actual venue we’re going to podcast at with a fancy interview and everything tonight. We’ll be sharing our adventures tonight over whatever platform we can get to work while we’re locked in the gaming center. We’ll be putting up our impressions of the experience staying overnight at the Reuben H. Fleet here in the coming days after the podcast.

The first podcast that’ll be online will be the one we upload tonight.

I promise not to snore while we’re cuddling,